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1 died after the man shot the crowd at Breonna Taylor’s protest in Louisville

Activists gathered in Jefferson Square Park for over a month to protest police brutality. The video published online on Saturday shows a man in short shorts and a tank top aiming a rifle in the direction of tents arranged in the park and opening fire. Social media videos show protesters fleeing the area and, in some cases, dive and squat behind cars, tents and trees parked nearby while shots are fired. In a video posted on social media, an apparently motionless body can be seen lying on the ground in the park in a pool of blood as people ask for help from doctors.

“I am deeply saddened by the violence that broke out tonight in Jefferson Square Park, where those who expressed their concerns were gathered,”

; Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer said in a statement. “It is a tragedy that this peaceful protest area is now a crime scene.”

Jasmine Harris, a 27-year-old protester, said that she and others were participating in a music video when she heard gunshots.

“All I could hear was: bang, bang. I thought they were fireworks, “he said. So he said he heard four more shots and saw a man lying on the ground, bleeding.

“It was a great time, we all agreed” before filming, he said. “It was excruciating.”

Early Sunday morning, police announced that while they would continue to allow peaceful protests during the day, they would not allow protesters to remain in the park overnight or to erect “tents of any kind”.

“While most of the protesters in the park have been largely peaceful. Things changed last night when shots were fired in the park, leaving one dead and another shot. We are now clearing the park and it will remain vacant, “wrote the Louisville Metro Police Department on Twitter.

The park – a small square in the city center – has become an encampment in recent weeks, with protesters sleeping overnight in tents and stands, distributing food and supplies and demonstrating against police brutality and systemic racism during the day. .

Louisville has become a center of protests against police brutality, with demonstrations related to Taylor’s death escalating and growing since the killing of George Floyd’s police in Minneapolis on May 25. Taylor, a 26-year-old EMT, was killed at his home in Louisville by police after executing a direct warrant on March 13.

At least three officers were involved in the raid, shooting in Taylor’s apartment immediately after midnight. In a lawsuit filed in April, Taylor’s family said Louisville police carried out a search warrant at Taylor’s home, looking for a man who didn’t live there. Taylor’s fiancé Kenneth Walker, who was reportedly an authorized gun owner, shot the officers when they attempted to enter the apartment and the agents returned fire.

Taylor has been shot and killed at least eight times. Authorities have released little information about the murder. He is being investigated by state and local authorities and the FBI.

Louisville police last week fired an officer involved in the shooting. The city council voted this month to ban warrants, which allow police to enter a house without warning. The measure of 11 June to ban warrants is known as Breonna’s law.

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