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16 minutes that explain the Trump presidency

Trump's crisis management reveals the definitive attributes of this absolutely unique political career: the unstoppable energy of a force of nature, the refusal to accept a loss and an instinctive reflex to seek a new opening.

His full political arsenal was exhibited in a Trumpian seminar of a photo-op in the Oval Study, Thursday with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.

A 100-year-old historian could have picked up the 16-minute tour de force tape and learned everything they needed. Know the Trump presidency.

Trump's behavior on Thursday offered insights into how he will attempt to overcome political cross-winds using the unique political tools that made his transition from Washington's work activities so belated.

a reproach from Congress came in the midst of a spell that would have been disastrous for any conventional politician, as legal and congressional probes suggest difficult challenges as special adviser Robert Mue Ller's final report looms. Unusually, it also included a slap in the face of some Republicans who were reluctant to challenge their leader in the first two years of his presidency.

Trump's refusal to show weakness or humility in defeat is allied with a shameless, relentless character and an indifference to shame helps explain why it is so difficult to break down.

Sometimes showing diabolical but compelling political skills, Trump was bold, provocative and spiteful. He made outrageous claims about his own success and hinted at his keen sense of human nature and the fierce appreciation of weakness and discomfort in a political adversary.

Trump also showed his indifference, or rude contempt for the political plagues of allied leaders. his willingness to trade falsehoods and betrayed his obsessions with his predecessor, President Barack Obama.

Trump Vs. Beto

At the White House meeting on Thursday, Trump was also invited by a journalist on the freshest competitor in the race for the Democratic White House ̵

1; former representative of Texas Beto O & # 39; Rourke. He was ready.

"Well, I think it has a lot of hand movement, I've never seen so much hand movement, I said it's crazy or it's just the way it acts."

"Studio I'm sure you will agree," Trump told reporters.

The coup of O & # 39; Rourke was not just a throw away. It was a return to the forensic targeting of political opponents that helped Trump dismantle the primary Republican camp in 2016.

Mocking O & R's gestures might seem frivolous at a time of national political anxiety and with a heavy political debate already under way. But Trump is an expert at trivializing and belittling opponents, to diminish the gravity of their arguments and feed the media conservative machine.

His diagnosis of "low energy" by Jeb Bush four years ago established a description of the former Florida governor who suggested a grain of truth. The former GOP leader could never recover.

Trump Vs. Brexit – and Obama

At one point in the Tump meeting, he said he would not "comment on Brexit," but generally unable to force himself, he could hardly leave the topic alone.

At the beginning of his meeting, Trump welcomed Varadkar, pointing out that his visitor was in a difficult position due to British attempts to complete the withdrawal. from the European Union, which could damage the peace and prosperity of Ireland

Trump, as he often does, used his position to furtively shout one of his business, in this case, a golf course in Ireland.

"I have a very warm place for Doonbeg, I will tell you and this is really a fantastic place."

While praising Ireland, Trump promptly moved to a characteristic boast of his own success, of his management of the economy and how it kept "all the records … every single record for the stock Mar

Trump's obsession with Obama – a distinctive feature – appeared like a nervous tick twice in his photo shoot, twinned with the will to throw falsehoods.

First, he claimed that the former president had predicted in 2016 British voters would refuse to leave the European Union in a referendum, while he had predicted that they would vote to get out of the block.

Obama did not bet on the result, however, he warned the British that they would go "down the line" for a trade agreement with the United States if they left the line. EU. [19659025] Then Trump stated – erroneously – that the EU was not willing to "negotiate with the Obama administration" on trade. Indeed, the previous administration has sought to conclude a transatlantic trade and investment partnership – or TTIP – with Europe, although it has not been able to get the agreement across the board. Trump's talks on trade with Europe were inconclusive after threatening to trigger a trade war.

Trump against his global counterparts

Trump's comments on Brexit also illustrated the tendency of a president who admires dictators to launch allied leaders under the bus

He criticizes Prime Minister Theresa May, whose credibility was destroyed by parliamentary defeats.

"He didn't listen and that's fine, I mean, she has to do what she has to do," said Trump, who was forced to apologize for the apology last year after hammering out Brexit's strategy May on the eve of meeting her in the UK.

He also repeated the falsehood that predicted the result of the British referendum when he flew to his Turnberry golf course in 2016. Trump arrived on the west coast of Scotland a few hours after the referendum result was announced.

If the President knows that he is lying, or is convinced of the truth of his alternative reality, it is not clear. But his continued use of a discredited fact is a central element of his political technique.

Trump also put Varadkar on the spot – asking him to comment on Brexit, threatening to expose their differences on the issue.

Then Trump interrupted Varadkar, who looked confusedly at the president who blew up the EU along with one of his national leaders.

"The European Union treats us very, very unfairly," Trump said in a statement that included another characteristic political device – – A flagrant threat.

"If they don't speak to us, we will do something that will be very serious economically," said Trump. "We will pay many of their incoming products."

Most leaders do everything they can to avoid antagonizing their counterparts and to spoil their delicate internal policies.

Not Trump.

The exchange also revealed another of Trump's political tools: his fervent effort to inject an appeal at its base – in this case on a problem of signature, trade – in almost every political situation.

Trump Vs. Congress

Trump also launched a mini-electoral campaign, seizing the Senate vote that annulled its emergency declaration, to specify its hard-line policy on immigration and the wall – always with one eye to his most loyal voters.

In an interview published by Breitbart News this week, Trump revealed another aspect of his character – the feeling of being unjustly persecuted – that helps him identify with voters who feel neglected by political elites.

Complaining about democratic investigations, Presidency made a strident comment which suggested the possibility of political violence.

"I can tell you that I have the support of the police, the support of the military, the support of the Bikers for Trump – I have difficult people but they don't do it hard – until they reach a certain point, and therefore it would be very bad, very bad, "Trump told the conservative website.

Trump's incessant appeals for his base are undeniably effective.

A Republican, Senator Thom Tillis, of North Carolina, made a change of the 11th hour of his vote on the national emergency declaration, lining up behind the president.

A senior GOP official in North Carolina told CNN Acosta's Jim that Tillis was under great pressure before a potential primary challenge next year.

The official said that Tillis "was hit hard in the state".

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