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2020 WWE Clash of Champions predictions, tag, matches, start time, date, PPV preview, location

WWE’s Clash of Champions, the event where all Raw and SmackDown brand titles must be defended, will be held this Sunday from the ThunderDome inside Orlando’s Amway Center. Nine league games in total will take place as part of this year’s stacked card.

The WWE championship will be defended when Drew McIntyre challenges Randy Orton for the title in an ambulance match. This headliner came about after both men sent each other to the hospital in the wake of McIntyre defeating Orton at SummerSlam. In the other world title match on paper, the Universal Championship will be in play as Roman Reigns faces off against cousin Jey Uso.

As for the women, Bayley will defend the SmackDown title against Nikki Cross, who she also challenged for the title at Extreme Rules over the summer. Meanwhile, Raw women̵

7;s champion Asuka will fight Zelina Vega in the kickoff show.

Clash of Champions will start at 7pm. ET with the show which is expected to run around three hours, not counting the kickoff show, which starts an hour before the main board at 6pm. CBS Sports will be with you all the way Sunday with live scores, highlights and analysis.

Let’s take a closer look at who our CBS Sports experts believe will win the WWE Clash of Champions.

2020 WWE Clash of Champions predictions

Raw Women’s Championship: Asuka (c) against Zelina Vega

Look, there’s no way Asuka will leave the title to Vega. WWE painted themselves into a corner where every title needed to be defended in this PPV, and they needed an intermediate opponent for Asuka, so they didn’t waste a bigger storyline in a short feud. Vega’s sudden decision to fight again and challenge for the title – not to mention that this match is in the kickoff show – is further proof that there’s no reason to believe the title will change hands. Asuka will win easily – hopefully quickly – and move on to better things (although it’s nice to see Vega fighting again). Choice: Asuka keeps the title – Adam Silverstein (also Brent Brookhouse)

SmackDown Tag Team Championship: Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro (c) against Lucha House Party

The story with Lucha House Party seems to center around a team breakup, with Kalisto getting more and more frustrated every time his team doesn’t score a win. A defeat here pushes the story forward, and there really hasn’t been enough of a potential title loss for Nakamura and Cesaro. That said, tag splitting is a disaster right now, and it’s not out of the question for titles to change hands, even if it seems unlikely. Choice: Nakamura and Cesaro keep the titles – Brookhouse (also Silverstein)

Raw Tag Team Championship: The Street Profits (c) against Andrade and Angel Garza

Just like with SmackDown, Raw’s tag splitting is a mess. Street Profits had a long line of stocks, which held the stocks for more than 200 days. However, they have five title defenses during that time and Clash of Champions will only be the second time they have defended the belts since June. Andrade and Garza appeared to have disbanded as a team but worked well together to win a triple threat to earn a title shot and their problems may have been more focused on letting Vega break up and do her thing. If nothing else, a title change here would freshen things up in the stale division. Choice: Andrade and Angel Garza win the titles – Brookhouse (also Silverstein)

Women’s Pairs Championship: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax (c) against The Riott Squad

Unlike the Raw women’s title match, the Riott Squad is a legitimate contender for these straps. I could see a change here if the goal was simply to use Baszler and Jax as transition champions – two fighters strong enough to beat Bayley and Sasha Banks but not good enough together to take down a real team. In the end, though, I feel like there’s more catwalk for Baszler and Jax together before their obvious and eventual separation. Choice: Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax retain the titles – Silverstein (also Brookhouse)

United States Championship: Bobby Lashley (c) against Apollo Crews

It seems too soon to take the title from Lashley after winning it from Crews at Payback. In nearly a month since winning the belt, Lashley has yet to defend it. Although Crews has been a constant presence on Raw, Lashley and The Hurt Business are a real focal point right now. There is no compelling reason to have Crews in this match and every reason in the world to keep Lashley champion. Choice: Bobby Lashley retains title – Brookhouse (also Silverstein)

Intercontinental Championship: Jeff Hardy (c) v AJ Styles v Sami Zayn (Ladder Match)

This is a tough call because there are two good options here at Hardy and Zayn. Unfortunately, the title has changed a lot recently and no one has more than two months of reign this year. While taking the title away from Hardy might be a tough decision, it would lead him into contention for the universal championship. It would have been a major obstacle for Roman Reigns. There are also a number of midcard faces to contend for the title, such as Matt Riddle and Big E. Just a few weeks ago, Zayn is already back to his old self, not just on the mic but in the ring. His smug, condescending character winning this title without having to nail Hardy – maybe even luckily after Hardy and Styles got out of his way – would be a fun time, and he’d do a great job with it. Choice: Sami Zayn wins the title – Silverstein (also Brookhouse)

SmackDown Women’s Championship: Bayley (c) v Nikki Cross

The decision to bring Cross back into a game for the title after she failed to win the championship over the summer was an odd one, but in reality more of a Bayley product that needs an ever-busy opponent as things continue to build. towards the larger program between Bayley and Sasha Banks. Cross isn’t winning the title here, though WWE did a good job of tweaking his challenge story to be that he now has a fair fight on his hands without having to worry about Banks at ringside. Choice: Bayley retains the title – Brookhouse (also Silverstein)

Note: The above match has reportedly been removed from the show.

WWE Championship: Drew McIntyre (c) vs Randy Orton (Ambulance Match)

It’s a shame that McIntyre’s coronation and the whole kingdom took place during the pandemic with no fans present, but he still did a fantastic job as a WWE champion. However, Orton is the hottest heel in the entire company right now, and he has nowhere else to go as the resurfaced Legend Killer if he doesn’t ultimately take one of the two main titles. This being an ambulance match, McIntyre can easily lose without being blocked. And considering the return Raw ended with McIntyre attacking Retribution, I could see a scenario where they want … punishment. In a no-rules game like this, there are so many ways for McIntyre to lose the title without being hurt from the character’s point of view that it makes more sense to do so now, even if he regains it from Orton in a few months. Choice: Randy Orton wins the title – Silverstein (also Brookhouse)

Universal Championship: Roman Reigns (c) against Jey Uso

An unfortunate byproduct of a show where all titles must be defended is that many of the matches have little drama in the outcome. The story of Reigns vs. Uso is interesting, but Reigns doesn’t leave the title to his cousin. This is the closest to a guarantee you can get in a world title match. At least the race to the finish should be fun. Choice: Roman Reigns retains the title – Brookhouse (also Silverstein)

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