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230 Montana Health Workers: We Need to Flatten the COVID-19 Curve Again | Local news

Earlier this year, some of us wrote to ask for your help. Because of the hard work and sacrifices you made back then, we flattened the Montana curve and saved lives. Thanks, we know it wasn’t easy. You’ve helped buy time for the nurses, doctors, and other healthcare professionals in your community who work hard to fight COVID-19 with treatments, tests, safety protocols, and more space in our hospitals. We are more ready than we have ever been. We are here for you now and we will be there for you no matter what, but we still need your help. We need it now more than ever.


9 is growing in our community and in Montana. The situation is more serious than it has ever been in our state. The number of new cases and hospitalizations reach record highs almost every day and tragically more and more Montanese are losing their lives due to this disease. Our health systems here and around the region are being challenged by this pressure. COVID-19 can impact everyone: young, old, healthy or chronically ill. It can cause heart damage in young athletes, it can increase the risk of premature birth in pregnant mothers, it can steal the lives of our loved ones, especially our elders too soon.

Reducing the spread of the disease is the most powerful tool our community has to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s the best way to keep our kids safe at school, to keep our economy open, and to keep our friends, family and neighbors alive. Other communities and states have been overwhelmed by this virus. We are not immune and the risk of this happening here has never been higher. We are working every day to prevent this from happening, but we will not be successful without your help.

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