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A hands-on PS5 footage shows Devil May Cry, Godfall, and more

The PS5 hasn’t been released for over a month, but Japanese YouTube creator Pocky Sweets was a lucky gamer who already got his hands on it and showed off the new gameplay in a video. Not only do we see an in-depth look at some of the system’s launch games, but we can also see just how huge the console really is.

Positioned vertically in the video, the YouTube Gaming team had the console on top of a table so it would be easier to see, but we’re not entirely sure it would fit the entertainment center that housed the television either. Some things may need to be moved to get the system to fit the configuration. While the Xbox Series X is also a big machine, it’s not as tall as the PS5 and is completely flat on the sides. This should make it a little easier to adapt to an existing setup.

The first game shown in the video is Astro’s Playroom, pre-installed on every PS5. The 3D platformer is designed to showcase the unique features of the controller and its structure is very similar to Super Mario 64. The version we will get will not be a simple demo: it is actually a complete game that will take several hours to complete. The areas are themed like the PS5 itself, including one section that has a giant fan. We’re hearing (or not hearing) that the PS5 is surprisingly quiet too.

Pocky Sweets also got to try Godfall, another launch game that was the first explicitly announced game for PS5. The “looter-slasher” looks very impressive running on the console, with particle effects flying when each sword strike lands. Instead of throwing yourself into a fight, you can also throw your shield as Captain America to lure enemies into an advantageous position.

Another YouTuber, Sanninshow, got to try Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition. We didn’t get to see any Vergil gameplay in this footage, but it did show how smooth the action will be on the more powerful system. On PS5, the DualSense controller will also give you resistance via the triggers when Nero is accelerating his Red Queen sword.

The controller may need a little tweaking for Japanese players if the production model is accurate. The X and circle buttons have been swapped to match the world version.

The PlayStation 5 will be released on November 12, two days after the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. All the games mentioned here will be available at launch, with Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition also out on Xbox Series X / S.

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