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Allen Lazard proves Packers that he is a director

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The Packers are taking offense, but perhaps the most encouraging sign is that they are finding new ways to do it every week.

Sunday night it was Allen Lazard’s turn.

With the wide catcher Front Adams out with a hamstring injury, and the Saints battling running back Aaron Jones, Iowa State’s lesser known wideout came up with the big plays during the 37-30 win over the Saints.

Lazard had six catches for 146 yards and one touchdown.

“Allen has been such a constant actor for us,” said Packers manager Matt LaFleur, via Wes Hodkiewicz of the team’s official website. “He has earned everything he has achieved. I think he has the respect of all his teammates. I can speak for the coaches, he has all of our respect and he has become a really, really consistent high level player for our attack.” .

After the game, Lazard celebrated with his first play ball since the 2017 Liberty Bowl, when he starred in Iowa State. After that season he was not caught and the Packers banned him from the Jaguars training squad in late 2018. He started showing signs last year (35 receptions for 477 yards and two touchdowns), but nothing to do with the breakout game last night, which included the 48 and 72 yard receptions.

“I think we have the best deep-ball pitcher in the league, if not NFL history,” said Lazard of quarterback Aaron Rodgers. “To be able to go out there and connect to those works I think it’s huge. . . . Not only does it build trust for us, but it takes away their trust, energy if they had any.

“To be able to connect on those deep passages, for me too I think I’ll be able to get more respect in my vertical game considering I’m slow.”

Maybe, but he was quick to come forward when the Packers needed him.

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