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Amanda Kloots, widow of Nick Cordero, calls Trump’s comments on Covid-19 ‘shameful’

Amanda Kloots, widow of Broadway actor Nick Cordero – who died of serious complications from Covid-19 – called President Donald Trump’s recent comments on the coronavirus “beyond grief” to families who have lost loved ones to pandemic.

Kloots made headlines earlier this year as he shared the month-long battle with Covid-19, from his initial emergency room visit in late March to his death in July. The widow and mother used her Instagram platform to criticize Trump for his Monday tweet telling people not to let the deadly virus “dominate” their lives.

“Acting like this disease is nothing and you just got over it,”

; Kloots said in an Instagram story. “I’m so glad you did, thank god you did, but guess what? There are a lot of people who haven’t.”

Trump, 74, announced early Friday that he tested positive for the virus and was sent to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center later that day as a “precautionary” measure and to receive treatment. The president announced Monday that he would leave the hospital and return to the White House after a series of treatments, including supplemental oxygen and steroids.

“Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it rule your life,” Trump tweeted on Monday. “We have developed, under the Trump administration, some truly exceptional drugs and knowledge. I feel better than I did 20 years ago! “

Kloots posted a screenshot of the tweet on his Instagram page, calling the statement “shameful” in the caption. She noted that her late husband spent 95 days in the hospital fighting the disease. “After seeing the person you love most die of this disease, you would never say what this tweet says,” wrote Kloots. “There is no empathy for all the lost lives. Instead he is bragging. “

The widow also spoke in a series of videos on Instagram, where she called the tweet “beyond pain”. Kloots asked why the president chose to brag about himself rather than express empathy for the friends and family of the more than 209,000 Americans who died in the pandemic.

Amanda Kloots and Nick Cordero attend the Beyond Yoga x Amanda Kloots collaboration launch event on August 27, 2019 in New York City.Noam Galai / Getty Images for the Beyond Yoga

Kloots also said she understands the danger of the disease and still lives in fear of being infected. She said she is worried about falling ill like her late husband and leaving the couple’s one-year-old son, Elvis, without a mother.

In one of his Instagram stories, Kloots reposted a photo of his son Elvis from his sister with the words “Life Was Ruled” on the image. Kloots also posted another photo in her story which appeared to be of her holding her late husband’s hand while he was hospitalized.

“Life was dominated,” Kloots wrote on the photo. “This wasn’t something we ‘let’ happen. We were all scared. How dare you @realdonaldtrump.”

Kloots also taped a commercial for Trump’s presidential opponent, former President Joe Biden, and tagged the Democratic presidential candidate. He said Biden had his vote and prayed that Biden would win the election.

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