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Amazon Adds 33,000 People to Business and Technology Roles: Report

Amazon said Wednesday that it is looking to hire 33,000 people in technology and business positions in the coming month.

The retail giant said its hiring differs from typical seasonal staff before the holiday season, according to The Associated Press.

The hiring comes as Amazon is one of the few companies to see business improvement during the pandemic. As demand for online deliveries increased, the company saw its revenues and profits reach an all-time high in April and June.

The new positions will be based at the company’s various offices across the nation, including Seattle, New York, Denver and Phoenix. The company will start the new hires by working from home, but it intends that they will eventually start office work, according to the AP.

A planned second headquarters in the Washington, DC area remains on the agenda, Ardine Williams, vice president of workforce development, told the AP.

Jane Oates, president of the nonprofit WorkingNation and a former Labor Department official, told the AP that the company also has its future in mind.

“They are not only looking for the jobs that need to be done today, but they are also looking into the future,”

; he told the AP. The company recently said it plans to retrain up to 100,000 workers for jobs in technology departments by 2025.

However, the company’s handling of the pandemic was not without controversy. Chris Smalls, a former Amazon warehouse worker in Staten Island, said he was fired for staging a strike to protest the lack of worker protection during the pandemic. The company said he was fired for coming to work despite being told he had been exposed to the virus and should have stayed at home.

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