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An Oklahoma woman shot in the back while trying to steal the man’s Nazi flag, authorities say

An Oklahoma man who proudly carries Nazi flags at his home opened fire on a young woman who tried to steal one of those banners, officials said.

Alexander John FeasterThe Garfield County Sheriff’s Office

Alexander John Feaster, 44, was detained in Garfield County Prison on Tuesday on charges of assault and battery with a deadly weapon and shooting with intent to kill, according to prison administrators.

Deputies in Hunter, a small town about 90 miles north of Oklahoma City, found the 26-year-old woman in a moat Sunday after being hit from behind by Feaster between three and five times with a 5.56 rifle mm, according to Garfield County Sheriff Jody Helm.

She was identified in a probable affidavit case such as Kyndal McVey.

The document written by Vice President Marshall Woodson and filed in court on Tuesday reported that authorities believe the weapon was a Colt AR-1

5 A2. A total of eight shots appeared to have been fired, the document says.

Some may have hit the floor and a nearby tree.

The victim had been with friends at a nearby party when he apparently tore off one of the swastika flags displayed outside Feaster’s house, Helm said.

According to the affidavit, the security videos of “several” cameras at Feaster’s house show the following:

“A white female, identified as Kyndal, runs to the residence and carries the Nazi flag to the west side of the porch. Kyndal took the flag and ran back to the residence … I also saw a white male, identified as Alexander Feaster, come out the front door of his residence … with a large rifle with AR platform on a slingshot and ready. “

“Without warning, Feaster opened fire on Kyndal while he was running away from the residence. In the footage, it appeared that Feaster fired about 7-8 shots very quickly. Many of these shots hit Kyndal. It is important to note that Kyndal did not appear to be in no way a threat to Feaster because he apparently escaped from his residence with only a flag in his hand. “

A neighbor moved a red pickup truck near the suspect’s house like a barricade, the document says, and a witness trained a rifle at home as a precaution in the minutes before the deputies’ arrival, Woodson said.

The sheriff said he wasn’t sure if the woman was trying to take the flag as a political statement, or if she was acting on a courage from the participants.

“There is conflicting information,” said Helm.

Feaster is known locally for his affinity with those Nazi flags and young neighbors have already tried to steal the banners.

“I know he doesn’t like the whole city,” said Helm.

The suspect had several weapons in his home, Woodson said, and looked like he was “anticipating an accident.”

“There was a large ashtray containing several cigarette butts and a handcuff case containing the handcuffs on a box next to the chair,” Woodson wrote in his sworn statement. “It looked like Mr. Feaster was anticipating an accident and was watching from that point.”

Feaster has been held in place of a $ 500,000 bail and his upcoming court appearance is set for July 9.

It was not clear on Tuesday if Feaster had hired a lawyer, although Helm said the suspect immediately asked for a lawyer and did not speak to investigators.

The woman was in good condition at the OU Medical Center and expected to survive her injuries, officials said.

Dennis Romero contributed.

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