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Ann Curry is still suffering from her dismissal from the “Today” show eight years later

There have been several host changes in the history of Today spectacle, but one that still resonates is Ann Curry’s departure. Curry’s tearful farewell during a 2012 episode left fans doubting his abrupt exit. In fact, Curry’s departure was a conclusion. It’s been eight years since her firing and Curry says she’s still hurt by the decision.

Ann Curry and Matt Lauer
Ann Curry and Matt Lauer | Peter Kramer / NBC / NBC NewsWire

Ann Curry’s 2012 firing from “Today”

Curry’s ad he was leaving from Today she arrived just a year after she started co-hosting alongside Matt Lauer. In June 2012, Curry greeted in tears, admitting she was blinded from having to leave the show.

“It’s not what I expected to ever leave this sofa after 15 years [at NBC], “she said.” But I’m so grateful, especially to all of you watching. ”

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Speculation has grown over the lack of chemistry between Curry and Lauer, with many believing that Lauer contributed to Curry’s firing. Meredith Vieira was previously in Curry’s place on the show. Savannah Guthrie replaced Curry and remains on the show even today.

Ann Curry iS. still injured by his “Oggi” show

In a new interview with Elle Magazine, Curry says there’s still grief over his firing due to the show he worked so hard on. He says the whole test “still hurts”.

“I still don’t really understand,” he says. “I know I’ve done nothing wrong, I know I’ve been good at my job.”

He continues: “The bottom line is that it still hurts,” he says. “Honestly, it really hurts, because I really don’t think I did anything wrong. But despite the pain, which still persists, I know I have contributed to making some people suffer less “.

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This isn’t the first time Curry has hinted at some resentment over his firing. She has been honest about her feelings from the start. In a 2018 interview with People, she was still upset but did her best not to publicly take revenge.

“It hurt like hell,” he said at the time. “It hurt a lot, but I learned a lot about myself. I can say that I have done nothing wrong. I was honest and true. I tried to stay pure, I tried not to respond impulsively and I stayed very close to who I am. So it hurt me, but I’m also proud of myself. “

What has Ann Curry been up to since she fired from “Today”

The award-winning journalist didn’t leave her heart broken about missing her concert Today stop it. In 2017, she returned to the forefront with a six-part PBS docuseries, We will meet again.

The show chronicles the reunions of people who have experienced traumatic moments with the person who helped them in those difficult times.

Curry has begun hosting TNT’s weekly live broadcast Chasing the cure in August 2019. The show features doctors and specialists who try to solve medical mysteries and help those with undiagnosed diseases.

Chasing the cure he won a Critics Choice Real TV Award and many are hoping he will win an Emmy.

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