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Answer 10 big questions about Cam Newton’s move in the Patriots

Three months after being released from the Carolina Panthers rebuild, Cam Newton is headed to the New England Patriots. The 31-year-old quarterback and 2015 MVP have reached an agreement on a one-year deal with the Patriots, who have gone from Tom Brady to this low season.

Newton, who continues to rehabilitate from December foot surgery, had physical surgery in Atlanta on March 23, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter sources. He has gone beyond physique and is healthy, with both his right shoulder – which he injured in 2018 – and his left foot “are controlling well,” a source told Schefter. Newton will compete with Jarrett Stidham and Brian Hoyer for initial work in New England.

What was the reaction within the league to Newton̵

7;s move to the Patriots? Is it stuck as a first week appetizer? And are they the favorites, once again, to win the AFC East? We asked 10 ESPN NFL journalists and analysts to answer 10 questions on the go:

Assuming Newton is healthy, do you expect it to be the Patriots 2020 appetizer?

Patriots reporter Mike Reiss: He won’t be given the job – it’s generally not the way it works in New England – but should be the favorite based on his resume and his gaming experience.

Bill Belichick often states that it is up to the players to determine their roles and, for Newton, to win the job, his first step will be to immerse himself in the tough Patriots culture that requires players to control their ego at the door and put the team. So there will be an acclimation to the new terminology in the offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels’ system. So there is no guarantee. But given how his career track record stacks up against Stidham and Hoyer, it seems fair to say that Newton’s job is now to be lost.

Does this mean that patriots don’t like Stidham as much as we thought, or was it too good a deal to forget?

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