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Apple has officially missed the boat on USB-C with this year’s iPhones

The latest Apple iPhones, XS and XR, have been announced and, once again, Apple has made the incredibly frustrating choice to include a USB Type-A Lightning cable and a low-power 5W brick in the box instead of a USB-C cable and charger.

Apple has not provided an explanation as to why it insists on selling its latest, larger and, in most cases, smartphones worth over $ 1,000 with the same legacy cable that has been included since Lightning was presented in 2012. Maybe it's a simple question of costs. Perhaps society is afraid of alienating customers with a new and unknown cable.

But USB-C is not new or unknown at this point, especially for Apple's loyal customers who have remained with them as exclusive choice of port on almost all laptops sold by Apple.

In 2015, when Apple made the transition to the 12-inch MacBook, and then further strengthened this decision with the 2016 MacBook Pros, it was based on the fact that doing so would push the rest of the industry to force people to use the new door. But years later, USB-C's growth has been still very slow across the industry, and many new products refuse to put the door on their devices since "there's not yet".

Apple is part of this problem: not including cables from USB-C to Lightning confirms the fact that USB-C is not a "real" port standard. Why should manufacturers of accessories invest in USB-C if Apple did not consider it as something different from a side project?

The addition to the frustration is the fact that it's not just that USB-C cables would be cheaper than the legacy USB ones; it is that they are legitimately better. USB-C supports more power than the old Type-A standard and is the only way to get a quick charge quickly on iPhone 8, 8 Plus, X, XS, XS Max or XR. Apple does not just charge the buyers of its expensive phones a fee of $ 20 to $ 30 to use these devices with their laptops, but it is also making them a worse experience for the use of such phones. phones.

And it's not that Apple is afraid of alienating customers by not including a type of legacy cable in the box with its phones. If it were, it would still include the headphone dongle with its new iPhone.

All this highlights perhaps the biggest frustration with Apple and USB-C: the fact that the company has refused to put the door on its iPhone devices. It's not that Apple's adherence to Lightning makes no sense. It offers the company a door that can completely control, rather than relying on the thick and messy specifications for USB-C. And there's also the MFi program, which essentially gives Apple an outlet on exactly what types of accessories can work with its phones and tablets, along with the extra license revenue that makes out every single Lightning device. authorized. [19659009] Imagine a world where Apple made the change to USB-C

Imagine a world where Apple made the change with the iPhone 7 not just for the bombardment of the headphones, but to switch to USB -C? Or maybe last year's iPhone X, announced as the bright future of the company's mobile devices, would have been a good place to do the rest, considering all the other updates Apple was making.

It is the kind of change that almost certainly would move the entire sector to the glorious universal door standard (which, again, Apple already uses exclusively on its laptops ). Do you think there would be a drought of headphones or USB-C sticks if Apple had put all the strength of its new iPhone behind them?

In addition, the rumors of a potential USB-C iPad simply ask why there is no USB-C iPhone. The confusion of switching standards can not be. After all, everyone adapted to the transition to Lightning, and now the Lightning ports are more common than the old 30-pin connector.

Instead, we're not just stuck with Lightning ports, but a terrible USB type-A legacy cable for booting. And as long as Apple does not want to recognize the standard of the door it claims to be widespread, we will be stuck in this limbo for the foreseeable future.

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