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Apple Watch 6 could replace your iPhone with this massive update

The Apple Watch 6 or other future Apple Watch models may have a better wireless networking system, bringing the Apple Watch much closer to working autonomously from our iPhones.

In a patent identified by AppleInsider, Apple launches a wireless connection antenna integrated into the Apple Watch display, exploiting a larger surface area than the current mechanism.

Although Apple doesn’t specify how better wireless connection is on an Apple Watch with an in-display antenna, it does seem confident that a larger receptor would offer an upgrade.

While Apple Watch models with LTE can work without an iPhone, we would still hesitate to leave our iPhones at home.

It’s hard to imagine a future where the Apple Watch replaces or is better than our iPhones, but maybe we̵

7;ve said the same about cell phones replacing landlines.

Don’t think you can ditch the phone that quickly, though – we have a IPhone 12 Launch Coming Soon, Remember? This is a patent only, which means there is no guarantee that Apple will use this antenna system anytime soon or at all.

That said, the company will likely take some small steps in that direction when it announces the Apple Watch 6 in the fall. The new smartwatch is said to offer better battery life, a blood oxygen monitor, and more.

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