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Apple’s surprise update for iPhone 12 confirmed suddenly

Apple’s iPhone 12 launch is almost here, and while we know almost everything (both good and bad), it looks like the company has had a big surprise up its sleeve. Until now.

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New leaked benchmarks for Apple’s groundbreaking A14 Bionic chipset revealed drastically better-than-expected performance, following troubling results for hardware targeting the iPhone 12 last month. But could it be dragged along by Apple’s own manufacturing problem?

Collected by a well-known member of the industry Ice universe, the A14 Bionic chip has been quietly tested on Geekbench receiving single-core and multi-core scores of 1583 and 419 respectively. This equates to a 20% higher single-core and about 30% higher multi-core scores than the ‘A13 Bionic inside the iPhone 11. For context, this blows away the Snapdragon 865+ (973 single-core, 3346 multi-core) used in current Android flagships.

That said, there is an area of ​​concern. The test scores come from Apple’s upcoming iPad Air 4, which was the first device to be announced with the A14 Bionic. Given the large battery capacity of this iPad, the A14 can operate unhindered, but the same may not be true of the iPhone 12 range. This year, Apple has chosen to significantly reduce batteries compared to the iPhone 11 line. , so it remains to be seen whether the A14 Bionic in these phones needs to run in a lower power state to save power.

Either way, the A14 Bionic (which is also the world’s first 5nm chipset) looks set to be the bright light in an otherwise quite disappointing iPhone update year, bringing incremental design changes, iPhone 12-focused updates. Pro Max and price increases, despite removing both EarPods and a wall charger from the box.


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