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Are you crazy, brother? Readers furious at the debate on Alejandro Villanueva’s helmet. “Fixed” NFL games. Pirate Problems.

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“Are you crazy, brother?” This week ranges from the Steelers, to a reboot of Big Ten, to the ineptitude of the pirates, to Justin Timberlake.

It also goes from substantial to silly.

Alejandro Villanueva̵

7;s agenda. Mason Rudolph helmet. Allegations of NFL officials on taking. And covid-19 propaganda.

Aside from that … eh, he’s pretty docile.

Pfft! Who am I kidding?

“WBROWN” keeps us going. He sent me this email before the Steelers win over the New York Giants on Monday night.

He was very worried that the officials were taking off!

Because … you know … New York n’at.

We must all be very wary of refereeing, as it is about holding calls against the Steelers. Interference and calls against offense when large plays are completed that push them back or give the Giants the opportunity to continue plays interrupted by the Steelers defense.

I’m not saying they will openly cheat, but what I’m saying is that the Steelers must be on their “p and q” as it refers to the NFL wanting to make a good start to the Giants.

This is New York, after all. This always matters to the NFL.

Based on that interference call about passing over Joe Haden in the first half and not waiting for T.J. Watt in the second half, for a while, I thought Mr. Brown understood something.

Really. Compromising a game for a New York team? When will the Steelers have one of the largest national fan bases?

Far be it from me to disprove a good old conspiracy theory, W.B. But let’s be real.

The Giants have had a winning season since 2012. And the Jets haven’t made the playoffs since 2010. If the NFL is trying to fix the games for the New York teams, they’ve done a pretty poor job.

Someone named “GMoney” commented on our story about Steelers addressing Alejandro Villanueva’s decision to register Antwon Rose’s name on his helmet with the name of the late Army Sergeant Alwyn Cashe.

He doesn’t owe anybody explanations. He has done more for this country than many others.

Good to (head coach Mike) Tomlin for not making it a problem. Because it isn’t.

No, “GMoney”, Villanueva ABSOLUTELY needs an explanation. And his status as an Army veteran has nothing to do with that. It is irrelevant to this discussion.

You can agree with what Villanueva did or not. I do not.

You can agree with the team’s decision to put Rose’s name on their helmets in the first place, or not. I do not.

You can choose to snatch Villanueva for breaking ranks from his teammates, differentiating him from what Colin Kaepernick did. Again, I don’t.

But if the team has made a decision, and Villanueva has decided to get off the grid, and his teammates say they were unaware of the decision, then he has to explain why it happened.

At least Kaepernick did.

Why should Villanueva feel obligated to address this issue?

• When the same thing happened in Chicago, players have been saying throughout the year that the relapse of the anthem debacle was part of the reason they lost that game. A game that ultimately helped cost them the home field advantage in the 2017 playoffs.

So why risk it again in 2020?

• Villanueva was a youngster from a team of 53 who deviated from the plan. He is intentionally making a statement.

Then explain the statement. Why paste Rose’s name instead of just putting Cashe’s name on top of Rose’s? Why avoid doing what all the other team members have done?

There are nuances and a middle ground to be found on many topics on this topic. This is not one of them. Villanueva must step up and answer questions.

And this is an area where not having access to open locker rooms in the coronavirus era is a very significant problem.

Let’s mix a multimedia one. It comes from USA Today writer Christine Brennan. She is angry about the Big Ten’s belated decision to play football amid the coronavirus crisis.

Wow! Talk about hyperbole.

I mean, we all know this isn’t going to be the “darkest day” in Big Ten history.

That was the day the conference allowed Rutgers to attend.


David sent me an email about my “First Call” post regarding Cleveland Browns defensive end Myles Garrett. He’d like to “clean the air” with Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph.

you remind me of the media from Fox, MSNBC and CNN. Your article is basically your opinion. I get tired of the media interpreting and preaching instead of just reporting the facts. Most people draw their own conclusions. We don’t need the media to tell us what to think. I don’t know why the media have to constantly contribute what’s this. “

David, I do this because I’m a columnist and I’m paid to give my opinion. It was an opinion-based piece, as all my voices have the freedom to be.

Maybe that’s why?

By the way, I’m 110% sure you would never have sent this email if you agreed with the opinion I put forward.

People complain about the opinions of others – or about their right to express those opinions – only when those opinions differ from theirs.

I’ve never received a tweet or email that read like this: “I wholeheartedly agree with your opinion, but I don’t agree with you using your platform to give it.”

And I can guarantee you I’ll never have one like this.

Finally, Ed has a thought on the news that Justin Timberlake may want to bring a Major League Baseball team to Nashville, Tennessee.

I he thought maybe he wanted to bring an MLB franchise to Pittsburgh (with owners they work with management).

And, in the words of J.T., “Cry Me a River” and “Chop Me Up”. Because that email is “Dirty”.

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