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ASCAP claims that Trump’s campaign cannot use any Rolling Stones song in its repertoire – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: President Donald Trump may be looking for a new song without speech at his campaign rallies now that the Rolling Stones and IMC have warned him and threatened to sue if he ever uses one of their songs again. licensed by the gigantic organization for show rights. And now group mate for show rights ASCAP says Trump won’t be allowed to use any of the Stones songs in his repertoire – a playlist that includes “Start Me Up”, “Emotional Rescue”, “Waiting on a Friend” and “Angie”.

“At the moment, the 2020 Trump campaign has not required an ASCAP license and therefore is not currently authorized by ASCAP to perform songs in the ASCAP repertoire (unless they have licensed these works directly),”

; a spokesman told Deadline. ASCAP. “As is our practice with all campaigns, if the 2020 Trump campaign requires an ASCAP license, ASCAP will inform the music campaign that it is excluded from our license when the license agreement is executed. Currently, among ASCAP members who asked to exclude their songs from the 2020 Trump campaign ASCAP license agreement, Neil Young, Tom Petty’s estate, and the ASCAP licensed works of The Rolling Stones, were noted. “

Like BMI, ASCAP has a political campaign license agreement that provides “a general license to perform one or all of the millions of compositions in the ASCAP repertoire. However, ASCAP members can ask ASCAP to exclude specific songs from a particular license. political campaign. In this case, ASCAP will notify the campaign of the excluded works. “

ASCAP has over 11.5 million licensed tracks and approximately 15 million BMI.

Numerous other acts have publicly contested the use of their songs during Trump’s campaign rallies in the past four years, including Neil Young, whose “Rockin ‘in the Free World” was portrayed when Trump announced his candidacy after having descended an escalator to Trump Tower in New York in June 2015; Queen for her use of “We Are the Champions” at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland; Rihanna, for the use of her hit song “Don’t Stop the Music” at a 2018 Trump rally in Tallahassee, FL; Pharrell Williams, whose Oscar nominee “Happy” was recited in a Trump demonstration hours after 11 people were killed in a Pittsburgh synagogue in October 2018; Panic! at Disco’s Brendon Urie, whose “High Hopes” played at Trump’s Phoenix event this week; and Tom Petty’s estate, whose “I Won’t Back Down” was also played at Trump’s rally last week in Tulsa.

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