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At around 72, Stevie Nicks just wants to sing a live song

NEW YORK (AP) – It’s Saturday at 9:30 pm and Stevie Nicks is singing on the phone.

The rock icon is at her home in Los Angeles, where she has been locked up since December after wrapping up the “An Evening with Fleetwood Mac” tour. She came there early to relax after spending a year traveling and to celebrate the holidays. But then came the coronavirus pandemic.

Stuck at home is good and bad for Nick. The good news? Her home is a creative oasis where all her favorite musical instruments live. That̵

7;s where he spent a year recording his 2011 album “In Your Dreams” with Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard.

Her current 10-month stint – and counting – at home even prompted her to record the new single “Show Them the Way”, out on Friday.

“It’s beautiful,” he says after singing the song’s refrain at the end of a 90-plus-minute interview, in which Nicks enthusiastically discussed everything from his admiration for icons and belated friends Tom Petty and Prince to his relationships with Harry Styles and Beyoncé.

The bad news? Nick is 72 and doesn’t want to be forced home when he prefers to sing live on the go.

“This pandemic is more than just a pandemic for me. This is stealing what I consider my last years of youth, “Nicks told The Associated Press.” I don’t just have 10 years to stay and wait for this thing to go. I have places to go, people to sing for, another album to do. Every day that passes is like taking this time away from me. I think this is the hardest thing for me. “

“I have a lot of friends who are 60 and they say, ‘Oh, I’m so old, I’m 60.’ I’m like, ‘You know what, the violins of the world are playing for you. You will really appreciate 60 when you turn 72, ”he continued. “It doesn’t seem to me that the whole world is really trying to convince all of this to go away. I feel like people think it was really magically going away. Few people who don’t wear a mask are enough to spread. Let one person take it. from you and that’s it: it’s like the never-ending story. This worries me because I’m saying, “Will it really end by the end of 2021?

“Will it be safe for us to enter Madison Square Garden next year?” I don’t know it will be, “he said.

Nicks hopes to satisfy the fans he would normally see in person on tour with the new concert film “Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold The Concert”. It was recorded over two nights during his 2016-17 “24 Karat Gold” tour and will be available in select theaters and drive-ins on 21 and 25 October. A CD and digital album of the concert will be released on 30 October.

“When we started realizing that this COVID thing wasn’t a joke, I started thinking to myself, ‘Well, you know what? This might be the closest way to going to a big, big gig that it really isn’t. 1977 which is new, ”Nicks said. “It’s brand new and it’s great.”

The only time he left his West Coast home was to edit the film in Chicago. He took a private jet home to a long-empty golf course, spending a month there and editing hours of footage to create the 140-minute film.

“They can’t do it without me. I won’t allow it,” Nicks said. “We did it all. It was really fun. We were really safe. “

But at the end of the trip, Nicks tripped in the snow and fractured her knee: “I felt like I was screaming as I crossed the air and saw the gravel driveway approaching my face and took a quick turn. So, I didn’t fall face down and got caught. Thanks to my strong, drumming arms, I was able to stop myself from crashing even worse. It was a really bad fall, but it’s okay.

“He had a hard time improving,” he continued. “I hurt this knee a lot, the left knee, before, years ago. I had solved it and solved it. … I had just made sure it was where it was totally best, then I broke it. So now it’s almost better, “he said.

In addition to producing her concert film and recording “Show Them the Way”, Nicks has been busy in the house where she has been creative in the past: he sent a song he wants me to sing about, “he revealed.

Although “Show Them the Way” arrives on Friday, Nicks said the song came to her in a dream in 2008, when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were competing for the Democratic Party presidential nomination. In the dream Nicks performs in a political event attended by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., John Lennon, John Lewis, John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy.

Dave Grohl plays drums in the new song, produced by Greg Kurstin (Sia, Adele, Beck). Cameron Crowe is directing the music video.

“This song is really a prayer. This song is a prayer for people to unite. A prayer for the people to be together, ”Nicks said.

“I didn’t realize it until the last few days. The chorus was written about a week later,” he continued.

“The refrain, and I can sing it for you, says, ‘Please God show them the way / Please God this day / The spirits give us strength / Peace will come if you really want it / I think we’re only in time to save him / Please God, oh God please show them the way. ‘”

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