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Bellator 246 Results: Play-by-Play Live Streaming Updates | “Archuleta vs Mix”

Bellator 246: “Archuleta vs. Mix” will air TONIGHT (Saturday, September 12, 2020) from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut. The Bantamweight division crowns a new champion this evening as the unbeaten Patchy Mix (13-0) takes on “The Spaniard” Juan Archuleta (24-2).

The main card of Bellator 246 will start at 22:00. ET on Paramount e DAZN (watch it here) with “Prelims” undercard bindings via YouTube at 7:15 pm ET. MMAmania.com will provide results for the full board and full play-by-play for the television portion of the Bellator 246 board below.

Many readers register before, during and after the fights to share their thoughts on all the action. Feel free to leave a comment (or 246) about the meetings and chat with all the other Maniacs during the show ̵

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Juan Archuleta vs Patchy Mix –
Jon Fitch vs Neiman Gracie – in progress.
Liz Carmouche vs. DeAnna BennettCarmouche sub (RNC) 3:17 R3.
Derek Campos vs. Keoni DiggsDiggs tech. sub (RNC) 4:59 R3.
Pat Casey versus Daniel MadridMadrid SD 28-29, 30-27, 29-28.
Ty Gwerder vs George TokkosGwerder TKO 1:05 R3.
Davion Franklin vs Ras HyltonFranklin UD 30-27 X3.


Juan Archuleta against Patchy Mix

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3:

Round 4:

Round 5:

Final results:

Jon Fitch vs. Neiman Gracie

Gracie is wearing black shorts and blue gloves, a professional record of 9-1, her only defeat being a decision against Rory MacDonald in her last fight. He does the wheels through the cage while playing “Don’t Sweat Technique” by Eric B. & Rakim. Jon Fitch has black trousers and red gloves, a record of 32-7-2 (1 NC) and stands out with Johnny Cash covering Soundgarden’s “Rusty Cage”. Gracie fights from New York, NY via Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Fitch fights from San Jose, California. Our referee is Kevin MacDonald.

Round 1: Gracie tries to take the center and Fitch supports him with his hands. Gracie dances back and forth in front of Fitch while landing a couple of leg kicks. Fitch puts a left on Gracie’s chin and pushes him into the cage. They land some nice shoulder hits as they fight back and forth. Gracie turns him around for a leg trip and tries to stop him. Fitch manages to escape at 2:40 am and Gracie is at the top in full guard. Jump half guard at 3:10 am. Fitch tries to stand up and Gracie runs up against him by the fence. Gracie rides a horse, Fitch slides him off, but Gracie seeks submission all the time. 45 seconds remaining. Fitch survives with his arm trapped in the bell. 10-9 Gracie.

Round 2:

Round 3:

Final results:

Liz Carmouche vs. DeAnna Bennett

Bennett is wearing blue shorts, blue gloves and a white jersey, a pro record of 10-6-1 at the start of tonight’s fight. Carmouche is wearing black shorts, red gloves and a black T-shirt, a 13-7 pro record approaching his debut with Bellator. Carmouche was 125.5, Bennett lost weight by a WIDE margin at 131.7. Bennett fights from Oakhurst, New Jersey. Carmouche fights from San Diego, California. Our referee is Todd Anderson.

Round 1: Carmouche wastes little time stepping forward and landing with his right hand, then catching Bennett’s back to slam her to the ground. Bennett fights for pulse control as Carmouche draws a warning to watch for blows to the back of the head. Bennett gets up at 1:12 am and Carmouche pushes her into the pen. Carmouche and Bennett play for position until Carmouche resets at 2:12. Another right hand from Carmouche. Leg kick for Carmouche. Even though Bennett keeps his hands up, Carmouche still manages to get past the lines and connect. Superman punch at 3:37 am. Bennett tries to reiterate and Carmouche takes her back to the cage. They fight for the position again. Carmouche tries to bring her back on a roll through, Bennett ends up punching her in the butt and they stand up in front of the bell. 10-9 Carmouche.

Round 2: Carmouche and Bennett surround themselves in the center. Cartouche strokes with the left and over the top with the right. Bennett shoots for a double at 1:38 and gets a takedown six seconds later. Carmouche had one foot on the fence, apparently toes tied in the cage, but the referee did nothing to separate it. Bennett spun her out of position anyway and she gets to work. Carmouche returns to his knees but Bennett shifts onto his back. Carmouche explodes with a hook on the heel and Bennett tries to turn to escape. Bennett is punching her in the ribs as Carmouche tries to secure him, and eventually Carmouche lets her go. 40 seconds remaining. Bennett pours out on late strikes. 10-9 Bennett.

Round 3: Carmouche goes for one leg quickly this round, but Bennett gets up against the fence. Carmouche does not give up the position and continues to dig to break Bennett’s hold and bring her to the mat. They leave the fence and re-enter it at 1:46 am. Bennett turns her around at 2:14 am. Bennett drops a level but Carmouche chooses the gearbox and takes it back. Both women are warned not to grab the fence. Two minutes to go. Carmouche jumps back with both hooks inserted, grabs the neck and is finished seconds later for the presentation.

Final result: Liz Carmouche wins via naked rear choke at 3:17 of the third round.

Derek Campos vs. Keoni Diggs

Campos is 20-10, Diggs is 8-0 and he lost weight for this fight to 157lbs. He is wearing black shorts and blue gloves while fighting in Wahiaiwa, Hawaii. Campos fights from Lubbock, Texas, in black trunks and red gloves. Kevin MacDonald is the referee.

Round 1: Campos and Diggs exchange kicks in the center. Campos tries to bombard him with a big right but he avoids it. Diggs works with leg kicks. Diggs left hook. Campos pushes him outward. Diggs and Campos win and Campos puts him on the fence at 1:56 am. Diggs turns him over and Campos responds immediately. Diggs turns again and takes him down at 2:18. Diggs is firing body shots and left hands from the full guard. Campos tries to climb and gets on his knees until Diggs pushes him back and puts both hooks on the back support. He has one arm under his chin for a second but lets it go. One minute to go around. Campos tries to escape but Diggs puts his arm around his neck against the fence. He lets it go and Campos hurries to the top in no time. 10-9 Diggs.

Round 2: Campos is applying the pressure forward but it is Diggs who scores the good kick. Campos lands a hard right to the body. Campos shoots for the brace and Diggs widens his position. Campos cannot finish it. Diggs walks away at 1:13. Diggs ‘hard leftists are making Campos’ face bloodied. Diggs tags Campos twice with his hands and kicks him in the leg. Shot in the body of Diggs. Another hard left to the body halfway through. Overhand to the right. Leg kick for Campos. Body Kick from Diggs. Clinch. Campos tries to lower the levels. He misses with a wild uppercut on the break. Kick to the body for Diggs. Left jab. Leg kick for Campos. Difficult right for Diggs. Leg kick for Diggs. Right hands from Diggs. 10-9 Diggs.

Round 3: Campos takes a knee right in the center while shooting Diggs in the corral. He tries and fails to drag Diggs down, and Diggs turns him in the cage. Campos turns him into a 50/50 position and they fight for control against the cage until they break at 1:35 am. Diggs knocks him to the ground seconds later. Diggs postures for the left hand and elbows. Blood is dripping from over Campos’ right eye. Diggs backs off and dodges the upkicks before jumping back to the top. Campos gets his feet back at 3:15 but immediately drops in level. Diggs overwhelms him with a sprawl and a headlock. He turns to bring his back with his left hand to his head and sticks a hook against the fence. One minute to finish. Campos gets to his feet but Diggs still has his back and looks for the naked rear choke again when he gets back to the ground. Campos goes out QUITE RIGHT at the bell and Diggs receives the introduction.

Final result: Keoni Diggs wins by technical submission (bare back choke) 4:59 R3.

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