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Ben Kotwica takes responsibility for Falcons’ free-kick debacle

“There is a containment area to retrieve a spinning ball where there is a risk if they don’t retrieve it cleanly which gives the kicking team a chance to retrieve the ball because it then becomes a live ball,” said Kotwica. . “We should have been going to football aggressively. Those are smart guys. They are smart. They work hard. One went to Yale, the other went to (Virginia). And so we should have taken the ball as aggressively as it is. approached the containment line.

“I am responsible for it. I am responsible for everything the unit does and fails to do. It is something we have looked into. We have made corrections. We have spoken with the players. We will do a better job and look forward to the opportunity to do so. Sunday “.

Kotwica referred to Jaeden Graham (Yale) and Olamide Zaccheaus (Virginia) as two of the players close to football who failed a recovery attempt.

Falcons players were clearly confused during football.

Sharrod Neasman, Hayden Hurst, Graham and Zaccheaus formed a circle around the ball. Julio Jones was behind Zaccheaus. Nobody ever made a move for the ball until it got close to the 45-yard line. Just as the ball cut the 45, Zaccheaus dived in an attempt to retrieve it. However, Cowboys defender C.J. Goodwin fell first and beat Zaccheaus.

Down by two points prior to the onside kick attempt, the Cowboys̵

7; Greg Zuerlein scored a 46-yard field goal six games later when time ran out.

“I think the first thing, you have to give Dallas and Greg credit on great football,” Kotwica said.

The Falcons clearly didn’t think the ball was going for 10 yards until it was too late.

“I was there when he pulled away from Greg’s foot,” Kotwica said. “It was going along the 38 and 39-yard line. It was going parallel. Initially, I didn’t think it was going for 10 yards. However, when the ball started to cross the 39, 40-yard line, now you get into the options in the decision-making process.

“Our players knew they could enter the restriction area and retrieve the ball.”

Instead of waiting for the ball to stop, the Falcons should have fallen on it.

“We should have entered football aggressively,” Kotwica admitted. “There are options there. I would tell you that obviously hindsight is 20/20. We want to take the ball aggressively.”

During the timeout, Kotwica gave one final instruction.

“I remember one of my last words was, ‘Hey, go get the ball,'” Kotwica said. “This is one of the basics of the program here. The dance, the battle and the brotherhood. Yeah, as that ball approaches the containment area, we would like to get on that kick.”

The Falcons spent time after the game reviewing how to attack in-side kicks.

“We just didn’t run it,” Kotwica said. “We talked about it after the show. We talked about it after the game and then of course the film review on Monday. It’s something we work on every week. We will do a better job and look forward to the opportunity on Sunday. “

Also, linebacker Foye Oluokun, who suffered an injury in the game, would otherwise have been on the pitch. He has recovered three on-game kicks in the past two seasons.

“We’ve had some injuries in the game,” Kotwica said. “Those players, there are some players who might otherwise have been in that position.”

Kotwica has never seen what the Cowboys call “Watermelon” football.

“What I saw is the ball positioned flat and the ball kicked in different shapes,” said Kotwica. “I can’t say I’ve seen that specific one, where the ball goes parallel to the containment line at the 39, 40-yard line and then, like a putt, flaps wing and starts coming down the hill to the right.

“I can’t say I saw it. I saw the ball go over the containment line and go back to the left. I saw the high jump. There are a handful of kicks you have seen, but again, you have to give Dallas credit. and Greg for that kick. If it’s on grass, I don’t know if it’s going to happen. It’s a smooth surface.

“There are more on-game kicks than in my years whatever, I’ve seen, but it’s as good a kick as I’ve seen.”

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