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Best Apple Prime Day 2020 Deals So Far: Save $ 150 on MacBook Air, $ 63 on iPad Mini

This story is part of Amazon Prime Day, CNET’s guide to everything you need to know and how to make sure you get the best deal.

Prime Day it does not do it officially kick off tomorrow, but we’re already seeing exciting deals on a range of Apple products. Tomorrow Apple will also hold its virtual event, during which it should unveil the iPhone 1

2 and possibly other new products. We will cover both events in detail here at CNET, of course.

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But Apple deals are already underway on Amazon. These are the best at the moment:

If last year’s event provided any indication of what to expect in 2020, we might see the brand new 10.2-inch iPad dive for $ 250 (e last year’s model sell for even less), new all-time low prices for the Apple Watch Series 3 and the now discontinued Series 5 – and perhaps the first significant discounts on the Apple Watch Series 6 and also Apple Watch SE. This is all speculation, however. Amazon has yet to officially announce any specific Prime Day offers related to Apple.

We’ll be keeping an eye on every Apple product on Prime Day and the event (and after the dust settles). You will also have other options besides Amazon. Walmart, Target, Best buy and Newegg are having competing sales and often outperform Amazon when it comes to Apple products. As long as it’s an Apple Authorized Reseller (as those stores are), we’ll be sure to feature them here too. For us, the best price always wins.

To this end, in the space below, we will keep track of current prices and how they compare to the discounts we have seen in the past. For each product, we have also included a “strike price” for the entry-level model in that category, which is our best guess for the price you should buy at and you no longer expect a better deal. Note that there will often be a good deal on one particular model, size, or color and not another. For example, at any given time, a 44mm GPS Apple Watch might be a better deal than the 40mm model. We will make sure to note the specifics below.

The savings are shown compared to the Apple Store, which in effect always charges the list price for Apple gear. But, to be clear, some of the more modest discounts shown are actually just the “daily low prices” of other retailers. We recommend holding out until sales begin next week to see if better price cuts are on the way.

Dan Ackerman / CNET

In 2020, Apple updated the MacBook Air with an improved keyboard and double the storage and restored it for the sacred price of $ 1,000. Amazon is currently selling it for $ 150 off, the all-time lowest price for this model, and probably the lowest price we’ll see during the Prime Day period. (You’ll see the full sale price at checkout.) Please note that we expect new Macs with iPad-style Apple silicon chips, possibly before the end of the year. Read our MacBook Air review.

Strike price: $ 850

Óscar Gutiérrez / CNET

Beats did very well with the Solo Pro, its first on-ear headphones with active noise cancellation, and the first full-sized Beats headphones to charge via Lightning. It is one of the best on-ear wireless headphones we have tested. Now on sale for $ 200: a $ 100 discount off the Apple Store price and the all-time low for this product. Read our Beats Solo Pro review.

Strike price: $ 200

Óscar Gutiérrez / CNET

Introduced in 2019, the Mini has an A12 processor and Pencil support, just like the 10.2-inch iPad of 2020, currently retelling for $ 299, but double the storage.

Strike price: $ 336

Sarah Tew / CNET

Although it was announced less than a month ago, Amazon and other retailers have already discounted the entry-level 10.2-inch Space Gray iPad, with the retail price hovering between $ 299 and $ 319. For a fleeting moment during the last year’s holiday season, the now discontinued 2019 version was available for $ 229, but the Prime Day minimum was $ 250. That’s a great price on the best iPad for most people and also the price we’ll be looking for this one. year. Read our Apple iPad 2020 review.

Running price: $ 250 for 32GB, $ 330 for 128GB


Currently discounted to match its low Black Friday 2019 price of $ 169, the GPS-only Series 3, released in 2017, remains the least expensive model in Apple’s watch portfolio, and in light of its age and modest feature set , even the most dubious value. With the Apple Watch Series SE currently on sale for $ 279, it would be hard to recommend buying the Series 3 even at its current retail price. If Amazon lowers the price significantly, maybe. Read our Apple Watch Series 3 review.

Running price: $ 129 for 38mm, $ 169 for 42mm

César Salza / CNET

The most expensive, fastest, and most feature-rich of the bunch, the Series 6 can measure blood oxygen level and runs on the new S6 processor. Both 44mm models are currently on sale for $ 15 off, which is Amazon’s “standard” discount albeit intermittent on new Apple Watch models. Given that the 6 Series is the current top-tier model and that it only came out last month, it’s entirely possible that a $ 15 discount is the best deal we’ll see in the short term. That said, the period of Black Friday he could bring even lower prices. Read our Apple Watch Series 6 review.

Strike Price: Any discount of $ 30 or more

Vanessa Hand Orellana / CNET

The most affordable Apple Watch ever released, the Watch SE boasts a more powerful processor, a 30% larger Retina display than the Series 3, and support for Apple’s new family setup plan. Amazon offers a modest $ 9 discount on select models, including the 44mm GPS model and 40mm cellular version (note that different colors may vary in price). Also note that the Apple Watch Series 3 is currently on sale for $ 169. Read our Apple Watch SE review.

Strike Price: Any discount of $ 30 or more

Josh Miller / CNET

The Apple Watch Series 5, now officially discontinued, has the potential to be a Prime Day star. As early as September, Amazon had discounted the 44mm GPS model for $ 299, which is $ 130 less than the 44mm 6 series GPS. Given the slight differences between them, both have the always-on display and heart rate monitor, after all – any Series 5 model that costs $ 100 less than its Series 6 equivalent is a breeze. Read our Apple Watch Series 5 review.

Running price: $ 299 for 40mm, $ 329 for 44mm

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