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Bethesda Says It Plans To Fix Fallout 76’s Item Storage Problem

Screenshot: Bethesda (Fallout 76)

Fallout 76 players are running out of stock and the game is not out yet. Fortunately, Bethesda promises a solution.

Finding and manufacturing the best equipment is an important part of [Fall . The game world is full of trash you can collect, useful for creating anything from guns and ammo to the bed, where players sleep in their camp. But every piece of that stuff weighs something. Fallout games have traditionally restricted players' inventories by making them unable to run if they carried too much weight, while providing storage containers with no capacity limits in various locations around the map to accommodate all excesses. While Fallout 76 keeps the limit of how much the individual characters can carry before they become cumbersome, it also imposes a limit on how much the players can store in 400 pound containers of virtual garbage. As a result, players are quickly filling their pockets and running out of space in their stores

In a popular post on the game's subreddit, one player said the Stash limit is ruining the game for them. "I have a small amount of everything and I'm full", they wrote. "This leaves absolutely no room for collecting guns and blunt weapons and sets of upgraded armor and armor." They said that while limited space suited the idea of ​​ Fallout 76 as a survival game, it cuts against the endless cycle of collecting, creating and updating MMO-style games.

"I should not be able to maximize my deposit in 5 hours of play," answered another person. "Bethesda should know that they created a legion of hoarders with their past games."

Another player has also made a very practical guide on how to get the most out of your Stash, with suggestions such as what order to break the trash down in and a hierarchy of elements that are worth resisting. "Ammunition is also quite common and can be created specifically for your weapon if you find that sweet favorite weapon," they wrote. "So do not save 800 ammo for shotgun. Just leave it, it can not be sold." However, that player also thought the storage limit was at least fivefold.

The stingy Stash limit brought the players by surprise because initially Bethesda had said there would be none. "Keep away," wrote senior vice president Pete Hines in response to someone on Twitter who asked about the game's inventory management system. "No limits are known". Since then, Hines has been persecuted by the players asking if the gameplay limit would increase. On November 6, shortly before Fallout 76 received an update of 30 GB, Hines said he had not previously been aware that there would be a stock limit, but that the team was working to change it . "There are reasons why it is there and those reasons are important" wrote but did not elaborate on these reasons. ( Kotaku contacted Bethesda for a comment, but the company did not respond, nor replied to any e-mail or phone call from Kotaku since 2013.)

Yesterday, Bethesda announced that increasing the Stash limit would be one of its first priorities after the full release of the game on November 14th. "We have seen [Stash size] emerge a lot and understand the frustration," wrote a representative of the company on Reddit. "While the Stash dimensions at 400 weight limits may be easier to manage over time, we plan to increase it in the future."

It remains to be seen how early that particular change in the game will be implemented. Destiny's inventory system had a similar problem when the game came out in 2014 and only in the following April Bungie has expanded the players "; time-consuming space so you can accumulate more of their rare the size of the Stash of Fallout 76 is resolved before that.

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