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Between Us 2 Canceled, but for good reason

Developer Innersloth has decided to cancel Among Us 2 and instead focus on expanding the content offered in Among Us. In a blog post, the developer wrote that the decision was made in response to the recent surge in popularity for the party survival game, which was downloaded over 41 million times in September alone.

“All the content we had planned for Among Us 2 will go into Among Us 1 instead,” writes Innersloth. “This is probably the hardest choice because it means delving into the core code of the game and reworking different parts of it. We have a lot going on and are excited to bring new content to everyone as you continue to enjoy the game.”

These content expansions include new servers, color blind support, a friend / account system, and a new phase, although Innersloth added that there are “many more things planned, we just need to prioritize and organize”


Innersloth has not provided an exact ETA on when players can expect this new content to arrive, although the developer writes that working on the servers is currently “taking up all development time”. The new account / friend system will also take “some time for sure”.

Although it was first released in 2018, Among Us has seen a huge increase in players in 2020, possibly due to the game’s increased popularity on Twitch. Second SensorTower, Among Us got 18.4 million mobile downloads in August, to be followed by another 41.9 million mobile downloads in September. It has also climbed the charts on Steam, along with bigger AAA games that have been released more recently.

As with Fall Guys, some platforms have been able to play Among Us for free. It only costs $ 5 on Steam, and mobile devices support a free version. The lower barrier to entry has certainly helped her gain such a large audience, although her only recent surge in popularity is peculiar. The game’s simple graphics adapt well to a variety of platforms. Technically speaking, it shouldn’t have a problem running on the Switch instead. However, there are particular challenges in communicating with players on that platform. Not only does it not have a text communication system, but it does not allow voice chat unless you use a separate app on your mobile device. This means that nobody uses voice chat.

Among Us is available for PC and mobile devices. Asked if Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch versions would be possible, Innersloth Forest studio programmer Willard explained that making the console ports of Among Us would be tricky. The communication systems needed for this are a big reason. It’s different from some similar games, like Garry Trouble’s Mod mode in Terrorist Town, which supports voice chat by default.

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