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Bill Burr’s “SNL” monologue causes a firestorm on Twitter

Bill Burr, comedian and former “Breaking Bad” actor, has sparked a firestorm on Twitter – for making fun of everyone from white women to gays in his first “Saturday Night Live” monologue.

The Netflix star referred to white women as his “bitches” as he claimed they had “hijacked the awakening movement in some way.”

“The awakening movement was supposed to be about people of color who had no opportunity. … Somehow, white women swung their feet in Gucci boots over the fence of oppression and got stuck at the forefront, ” Netflix animated show creator ‘F is for Family “while” SNL “opened on TV on Saturday.


7;ve never heard such complaints in my life from white women,” Burr said.

He also made fun of gays, suggesting that their struggle has nothing to do with racial minorities. “

“The month of June is the month of Gay Pride. It’s a bit long, don’t you think, for a group of people who have never been enslaved? ‘ ‘Burr said. “How did they get all of June?

“Blacks were effectively enslaved. They get February, they get 28 days of covered time. … How about connecting them to July? These are people from the equator. “

Critics have turned on Twitter ripping Burr.

“Bill Burr is garbage and he’s always been garbage”, @emrazz, a k a feminist next door, boiled.

“Not because he doesn’t raise valid criticisms in some of his plays, but because he has always exploited his ability to signal them to the detriment of change and the benefit of himself, and can fuck in the sun for it. “

@ AbbysDad3 wrote, “The jokes were in bad taste, not funny. As gay in an interracial relationship, we were both offended and changed the channel. Who approved that monologue? “

The funnyman also came out against COVID-19 taunts as he opened the show, joking: “Take out your weak cousin with asthma, I don’t care.

“There are too many people … It prevents you from reproducing,” Burr said.

@HoyaLikeThat replied, “Like” the weak cousin with asthma “, I found your monologue numb and scary. You don’t know what it feels like to live with this disease, especially in the COVID era. It’s no joke. It’s a frightening reality for which I have to be vigilant every day. Show class and sensitivity. “

Burr ignored the controversy, tweeting on Sunday “Thanks to Lorne, the cast, everyone at @nbcsnl … There are no words to describe how fun that experience was!” and calling it the “night of my life!”

He also had supporters who tweeted their praises for his act.

“Hi. I’m a white woman and I think your monologue was fun and true @billburr. Ignore the easily offended snowflakes!” wrote @boozebudbeards.

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