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Black Ops 4′ Zombies Players Are Getting a Tough New Challenge

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is getting a special Zombies feature called "Gauntlets" next week, a game mode that will reward the based on their performance during time trials.

Treyarch revealed the release of Gauntlets in a 1

15-day preview post that takes place on January 15th. The number 115 is important in the Zombie mode of Call of Duty, and the day will bring a celebration event that will bring the new Gauntlets mode and more.

"We are kicking off our 115-day event with Zombies 2XP, Zombies 2X Weapon XP and 2X Nebulium Plasma from 10AM PT from January 15 to January 18 on all platforms, along with Gauntlets debut and three new ones Epic Elixir on PS4 and Elixir balance updates! "Treyarch said. "We will also check out some new Concoctions in the Laboratory in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on the additional bundles for the newly gained Plasma nebulium."

As for what the Gauntlets really are, Treyarch said that a new type of game will have players with 30 rounds survived during a time trial. The bronze, silver and gold medals can be earned depending on how the players performed after completing the 10, 20 and 30 rounds. A "single prize" will be awarded to all those who complete round 30 without failing a round and all those who hit those milestones for the first time will receive Nebulium Plasma more.

Instead of simply surviving the rounds, the Gauntlet mode will ensure that players complete certain challenges, and if they can not do it too many times, they have to start over. [19659004] "The rules can vary from one round to the next, from the restrictions on weapons and time limits to the defense challenges of the area with dangerous enemy modifiers, and all the rest," Treyarch said. . "If you and your crew can not complete a round as instructed, you will earn a Strike. If you receive three Strikes, it is game over and you will have to start from round 1. While getting to the 10th round will prove challenging for casual players. completing all 30 rounds will challenge even the most experienced veteran Zombies … and only the best of the best will come out victorious without downs or Strikes. "

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 new Gauntlet will begin with the "Unsinkable" challenge in the Voyage of Despair Zombies scenario, but Treyarch said the initial Gauntlet was simply "the first of many" coming in 2019. The feature film was first launched for the PlayStation 4 and # 39; event will take place during the dates listed above.

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