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Blizzard comments on Overwatch characters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as DLC

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on Nintendo Switch is getting other DLC characters. Who will these characters be, who knows. If it depended on fans, Crash Bandicoot, Sora, Doomslayer, Waluigi and 576 other characters would be added. In the meantime, at Blizzard, they hope to see some of them Overwatch characters added to the iconic platform fighter.

During a recent AMA Reddit, Overwatch Jeff Kaplan, the director of the series, has revealed that, like any video game director, he would like to see one Overwatch added character. This is not surprising news, nor the choice of the director: Tracer, the face of growth Overwatch franchise.

If one Overwatch the character has been added to the game, it is supposed to be through Tracer, although other characters such as D.Va, Mei and Hanzo may also receive the call. The most relevant question is: will an Overwatch character ever be added?

Well, for a while, it was said that Tracer was coming to the game, but those rumors dried up last year. Since then, there have been zero rumors linking the two series. Overwatch it meets the criteria ̵

1; that is, the origin of the character must be in video games – but there are a lot of series and unrepresented characters that you would think were screamed first.

In addition to Kaplan’s response, leading hero designer Geoff Goodman suggested Doomfist, a character added after the launch and inspired by the game’s hero fighters.

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