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Booyakasha! Why Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest joke almost went terribly wrong | Culture

First name: Sacha Baron Cohen.

Age: 48.

Appearance: Bearded; wears dungarees, plaid shirt and straw hat; singing with a rather irregular American accent.

I assume this is his latest character. You are right. It was reportedly shot while entertaining a right-wing audience at a March for Our Rights 3 rally in Olympia, Washington.

What form has entertainment taken? He is said to have sung a pleasant country number about the fact that coronavirus is a hoax and other hot-button topic, and managed to convince the rather poor audience to sing along with the lyrics.

The sighting reported in Washington.

Poor audience? Yes, the joke is that it has been witnessed even more badly than the average Trump demonstration.

Can you give us a sample of the texts? You bet. “Mask-bearers. What we will do? Inject them with Wuhan’s influence. Journalists. What we will do? Chop them the way the Saudis do. “

It looks like a riot. He almost became one when the organizers mumbled him – the lyrics were a little too weird even for the bearded pro-gun and anti-federal government of Washington state. Baron Cohen (who has not yet confirmed that it was him) had to hurry out in a private ambulance. Fortunately unharmed.

What was the purpose of the feat? As always, it is reserved for what is needed for the movie, but it is assumed that it will be used in the next series of Who Is America?

Who is America? A satire show on Channel 4 and the American television network Paytime Showtime which got mixed reviews when it came out.

How disappointing. You are right. It’s just that it was expected so much that when it aired in 2018, it was a little wet. The show has its moments, however, particularly the sequence in which Baron Cohen, as Israeli counter-terrorism expert Colonel Erran Morad, instructs Republican politician Jason Spencer on how to spot terrorists.

Such as? Putting a selfie stick under someone wearing a burqa to check if it is a real woman or a guy with explosives.

How did Spencer react? He accepted the idea completely. He also used the word N, mocked the Chinese and exposed the buttocks when Morad told him that this was a proven technique to repel terrorists from the Islamic State.

I guess this didn’t help his political career. He resigned from the house of representatives of Georgia.

Any other infamous jokes? Morad enchanted gun enthusiasts with the idea of ​​arming a new generation of young children, known as “Kinderguardians”, to protect American schools.

Not to be confused with: Ali G, Borat Sagdiyev, Brüno Gehard, Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen.

To say: “Baron Cohen is a genius and a fearless exhibitor of right-wing propaganda.”

not to say: “Yes” to an interview if approached by an incognito man with a shaky accent.

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