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Borat congratulates “Premier Trump” on winning the great debate

The Trump campaign was not the only group to do so congratulate prematurely the president in his debate “win” former vice president Joe Biden.

About 45 minutes before the two men took the stage, a mysterious new Twitter account representing the Republic of Kazakhstan posted a video along with the message: “Congratulations to the great friend of the Kazakh people @realDonaldTrump to win the debate today! An impressive and surprising result for a strong premier who has always put America and Kazakhstan first! “

The unmistakable voice of Sacha Baron Cohen̵

7;s Borat – who was confirmed this week will star in a sequel to the classic film – can be heard from the president: “Donald Trump, the strongest premier in history, is not racist!”

“Blacks love him so much they kneel in front of him,” continues Borat as photos of NFL players kneeling for racial justice appear on the screen.

As the footage of Trump partying with Jeffrey Epstein plays, he says, “He the protector of women.” Several times throughout the video Borat insists that Trump “never had a stroke” while showing the video of him struggling to raise a glass of water with one hand.

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