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“Borat” sequel lands on Amazon; Sacha Baron Cohen film release date Pre-election – Deadline

EXCLUSIVE: Amazon Studios acquired the worldwide rights to the 2006 film sequel Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan. The film, which once again stars Sacha Baron Cohen in the title role, will premiere in late October on Amazon Prime and its subscribers in 240 countries and territories.

The Borat The sequel was the first film made during the closure of COVID-19, covertly shot as quickly as coronavirus filming restrictions were loosened and unions agreed to return to filming. When it happened, Baron Cohen and his team were shooting the film the next day with a minimal crew.

Baron Cohen and cohorts flew to various parts of the United States and overseas to shoot the film. As did the first Borat, the follow-up film Brunoand his summer series Showtime Who is America, Baron Cohen risked his life several times to shoot the scenes in this film. In fact, I was told by sources that he had to wear a body armor on two different days of filming and on many days there were risky and dangerous scenarios during filming. Baron Cohen managed to do a good job of keeping the film under wraps, although the news leaked a little after the conclusion and CAA Media Finance showed it to buyers and established the distribution deal.

Baron Cohen was quick to release the film before election day. The first film was a smash hit, grossing $ 262 million worldwide for Fox. As that studio was engulfed by Disney, and theatrical releases are more dangerous than ever in the pandemic, they decided the best way to get the film to its wider audience before election day was to open on Amazon Prime. before the end. of October. So it will be on Prime that Baron Cohen will do what he turned into a singular art form: go undercover to get people to reveal their true selves and their often unflattering prejudices, with minimal provocation.

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