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Boris Johnson’s loud-mouthed, unashamed racism needs to stop

(Image: AFP Photo / Daniel Leal Olivas / Getty Images)

Boris Johnson made a crap – and dangerous bet – with his comments inflammatories about Muslim women who wear full-length veils.

In this way, he is making his case to be the British Donald Trump. And it's a cynical ploy, using its national column to openly mock Muslim women in an unprovoked attack.

He has a form, however: as a journalist he mocked African children, then during the Brexit referendum he led a race-based attack on Barack Obama.

Boris did not attack Muslims by chance. He did it because he was aware of how public attitudes are shifting, and he knew it was a dog-whistle policy to his supporters and potential supporters.

The fact that he has refused to apologize simply underscores this. But this is who Boris is.

When the media say "it is Boris who is Boris" they are playing in his hands, providing an excuse for his unacceptable actions.

While now there is a panel in the Party Conservative observing his actions, it has been stated that the majority of Britons do not agree that his comments were "racist".

In addition to the old trope that "you can not be Islamophobic because Islam is not a race" (funny how most Muslims are hit by brown skin) and that people are actually much more divergent when it comes to apologizing or not (especially young people think it should) – these comments take place in context.

That context is the rise of hate crimes, especially against Muslims.

Boris is trying to carve out an English nationalist space, initially inside the Tory party but then in the wider society

It is the intervention of powerful figures of the extreme right as ex-Brei the head of the fake news network Steve Bannon and his desire to create a new "movement" to push extreme right politics into the limelight of Europe (Boris met Bannon, who openly supports the convicted criminal Tommy Robinson, several times). [19659004EditproperationspirationofBorisbecomingtheteacherofThoseinmechangingthepartitheirremediablebreakingforBrexitestoadiratethefirsthandsomeopopulistswhenyourbusinessmenonthefirstandstartingthepoliticalpolicyprovities

a quarter of the population remains fiercely opposed to liberal views.

Our most recent YouGov poll, commissioned this April for the 50th anniversary of Enoch Powell's Rivers of Blood speech, revealed that 41% of people believed that Britain's multicultural society did not work and several communities generally they lived separate lives.

Yet 43% of interviews believed that Britain was a successful multicultural society. Over a third (37%) of all respondents saw Islam as a threat to the British way of life, but a similar proportion (33%) saw the Muslim faith and the British way of life compatible.

Any politician who tries to appeal only to the lowest common denominator, to the fear that falls within us, is about to lose the support of a large number of young people who have very different opinions towards the opponents.

39% of the people who took our Fear & HOPE polls now represent these more progressive views, almost 15% more than the negative identity tribes.

And such a politician will stand behind the very real changes that occur in modern Britain, where mixed-race relationships are becoming more common, where gay relationships and marriage are barely commented.

A positive sign in the darkness is that, ironically, anti-immigrant feelings are falling; according to our YouGov survey, 60% of people can now see and agree with the benefits of immigration.

But for all this, in some areas we are still a deeply divided nation.

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Now throws the real possibility of a "hard" Brexit – the kind of net breakup sustained by Leavers as strong as Boris, who will hit the communities that have been most difficult promises – and you'll have a bait atmosphere where a spark meritorious could trigger a chain of events that lead to very real damages in this country.

The stakes could not be more real but they are not only at stake, measured in terms of which faction governs the Conservative Party, they are at stake that will measure how our country speaks to itself after we have emerged in the panorama post-Brexit.

We want a nation that embraces a positive vision of the future, where we all have an obscure and divided voice or Britain, persuaded by the language of the Bannon and the Tommy, where the neighbor turns to the neighbor and a breath of the years 39; 20 blows on our shores?

Boris is trying to carve out an English nationalist space for himself, initially within the Tory Party but in the wider society.

It is a dangerous twist that will only further polarize Britain, generate hatred and strengthen the true extreme right.

We've had enough of his open-mouthed and shameless racism, which is why I said it's time for the Tories to suspend the whip from the former foreign secretary

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