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Break down the main offensive goals of the FSU for the 2022 recruiting class

While Florida State football coaches still have work to do with their recruiting class in 2021, the Seminoles have also laid the foundation for the 2022 class.

This week we will take a closer look at 25 potential customers who are already high on the Seminole radar. The first to date are 12 offensive targets, along with a handful of other prospects to keep an eye on.

Later this week, we will complete the complete list of 25 with 13 defensive goals.

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The four-star QB Nicco Marchiol is definitely one to look at in 2022.
The four-star QB Nicco Marchiol is definitely one to look at in 2022. (Rivals.com)


The Skinny on FSU and QB MJ Morris

Morris is very impressed with the way coach Mike Norvell developed quarterback, and also talks with offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham at least once a week. The couple seems to have really hit him.

Georgia is probably the big concern here because Bulldogs are very difficult for children in the state to beat, but FSU has pushed the right buttons so far. It is important to note that Morris has not yet indicated that UGA is its leader, and he was very high on the Noles when we talked to him. In the end, however, we know from history that Georgia will probably be the favorite.

The Skinny on FSU and QB Nicco Marchiol

I feel very good about where the FSU is located. I have already entered a “Forecast”

; for FSU with Marchiol, since this recruitment looks very similar to 2021 committed by Luke Altmyer. The four-star QB seems to have a very close relationship with Norvell and Dillingham.

The Noles have made Marchiol and Morris a top priority, and this could be one where the first one who jumps on board gets the right spot. I told the boards that I think Marchiol will be that guy, but we still don’t know if the Noles could end up taking two QB in this class.

Other quarterbacks to watch for FSU

Holden Geriner, Tanner Bailey, Ty Simpson, Maalik Murphy, Jacurri Brown, Braden Davis

I’d say Simpson, Geriner and Davis are the ones to keep an eye on after the first two. I probably would have thrown Bailey into that mix too, but I think he’ll probably stay in status with Auburn or Alabama, which is why I didn’t list him before those other guys.


The Skinny on FSU and RB Emmanuel Henderson

I have the impression that Henderson is the main target of the FSU board of directors. It is electrifying as a runner and receiver. It is all that Norvell loves behind him, with great dimensions, speed and ability to make things happen in the open space. He also has an excellent connection to RB manager David Johnson and Dillingham, from what I hear.

I have the impression that the interest is very mutual here, and I felt that he wants to participate in the first FSU home game this fall. I will say that Auburn probably retains the advantage right now as it has been there before, but FSU will be a contender.

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