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Breonna Taylor’s settlement is among the largest payments linked to a police shooting

More than six months after Taylor was killed in her apartment as police officers carried out a “no-knock” search warrant, the city is ready to pay its highest compensation, a city spokeswoman told CNN. .
The city had previously paid $ 8.5 million for the wrongful sentence of Edwin Chandler, who served nine years in prison for a murder in 1993 before being acquitted, CNN affiliate WLKY reported.
Cities across the country have already reached monetary deals following high-profile police shootings. Cleveland agreed to pay $ 6 million to Tamir Rice’s family and New York City agreed to pay $ 5.9 million to Eric Garner’s family.

Civil rights attorney Ben Crump, who has represented the families of several victims of police brutality ̵

1; including George Floyd and Jacob Blake – said he believes the Taylor deal is one of the highest amounts ever paid for a black woman killed by police in the United States. .

While it’s unclear where the Taylor family payment stands among all the police misconduct lawsuits in the nation, here are other large payments resulting from police shootings in recent years:

Justine Ruszczyk

Justine Ruszczyk
The city of Minneapolis announced a $ 20 million deal last year – the largest settlement in the city’s history – after Justine Ruszczyk’s death in 2017.

Ruszczyk, 40, had called 911 to report a possible assault in the alley behind her house when she was shot by former Minneapolis policeman Mohamed Noor, who was taking her call.

Ruszczyk’s death in 2017 attracted widespread attention, in the United States and in his native Australia. She had moved to Minneapolis to be with her boyfriend and was killed a month before her wedding.

Noor was convicted of third degree murder and manslaughter. In June, a Minnesota judge sentenced him to 12 and a half years in prison. Noor filed an appeal against the conviction, CNN affiliate WCCO reported.

Bettie Jones

LaTonya Jones is holding a photo of her mother Bettie Jones.
Local Chicago officials approved a $ 16 million deal in 2018 after a black woman was killed by police while officers answered a nuisance call.
Bettie Jones, 55, and her 19-year-old neighbor were killed in a 2015 incident. The teen’s father told CNN he hoped police would help his son when he called emergency services. Instead, an agent shot the teenager killing him inside a Chicago apartment building after Jones replied to a shot or the ringing of the doorbell.
When the police arrived, the teen was charging down the stairs carrying a baseball bat, CNN affiliate WLS reported, and an officer opened fire.

Jones was “accidentally shot and tragically killed,” Chicago police said at the time.

City officials have approved a $ 16 million payment to Jones’ family, which is considered one of the largest police shooting settlements in the city’s history, CNN affiliate WBBM and the Chicago Tribune reported.

Korryn Gaines

A jury in 2018 ruled in favor of the family of a black woman who was shot and killed by police in Baltimore County, Maryland, awarding more than $ 37 million in a civil lawsuit.
Korryn Gaines, 23, was shot and killed in August 2016 after an hour-long standoff with police in Baltimore County. He was trying to stream the meeting with the police, authorities said at the time.

Her 5-year-old son was also killed twice, said Kenneth Ravenell, a lawyer for the child and his father, Corey Cunningham.

A judge overturned the verdict last year. Gaines’ family appealed that decision and a special appeals judge ruled in their favor in July, CNN affiliate WBAL said.

CNN’s Toby Lyles contributed to this story.

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