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Browns sign RB Kareem Hunt

Cleveland Browns signed RB Kareem Hunt.

Hunt is 5-11, 216 pounds and is entering his third season NFL from Toledo. Originally drafted by Kansas City in the third round of the NFL 2017 draft, Hunt appeared in 27 career games. He rushed for 2,151 yards on 453 attempts (on average 4.7) with 15 touchdowns, adding 79 receptions for 833 yards with 10 touchdowns.

As a rookie in 2017, Hunt led the NFL with 1,327 rushing en route to a Pro Bowl Selection. It became only the sixth rookie since 1966 (Super Bowl era) to lead the league in rushed yards. Hunt also became the first player in the history of the NFL to record six consecutive games with over 1

00 scrimmage yards to start their beginner campaign. He appeared in 11 games in 2018 and recorded 824 run courtyards, 378 receivers and 14 total touchdowns. It was released by the Chiefs on November 30th. Hunt ended his collegiate career as the all-time leading rusher of Toledo with 4,945 yards, while he scored 44 raging touchdowns. He attended Willoughby South High School in Willoughby, Ohio.

John Dorsey at the time of the signature of the free agent of Kareem Hunt:

"My relationship and interaction with Kareem from 2016 to college has been an important part of this decision making process, but then we did due diligence with many people, including clinical professionals, to have a better understanding of the person he is today and if it was prudent to sign it.There were two important factors: one is that Kareem took full responsibility for his egregious actions and showed true remorse and secondly, equally important, is undergoing and commits to necessary professional treatments and a plan that has been clearly defined. "[19659002]" We fully understand and respect the complexity of the questions and problems in signing a player with the story of Kareem and not forgiving his actions Given what we know about Kareem through our extensive research, we believe you deserve a sec wave possibility, but certainly with the knowledge that it must go through essential and essential steps to become a performing member of this organization, apart from what the NFL determines from their ongoing investigation. We fully understand that Kareem is subject to discipline by the NFL. Here at the Browns, there is a detailed plan with the established expectations that he understands and must follow, because any similar incident will not be tolerated. We will support Kareem through this process and use our resources, however allowed, to help it succeed on and off the field as long as it continues to demonstrate the necessary commitment to represent this organization. "

Kareem Hunt on signing a free agent contract with Cleveland Browns:

" First of all, I would like to apologize once again for my actions last year. What I did was wrong and unforgivable. This is not the man I was raised, and I learned a lot from that experience and surely should have been more sincere about this after the fact. I am extremely grateful that John Dorsey, Dee and Jimmy Haslam and the Cleveland Browns organization give me the opportunity to earn their trust and represent their organization in the best possible way on and off the field. I commit myself to follow the steps necessary to learn and be a better and healthier person from this situation. I also understand the expectations that the Browns have clearly defined and that I must make my way to the NFL. I am a work in progress as a person, but I am committed to using the support systems I have in place to become the best and healthiest version of myself. "

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