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BTS fans Wow with their performance of “Dynamite” in “America’s Got Talent”

So, it looks like BTS just won America’s Got talent with their latest performance of “Dynamite”. That’s how the show works, right? Just kidding. Guy.

On September 16th, BTS played their new hit single “Dynamite” America’s Got talent. Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V and Jungkook all earned high praise from ARMY and the performance was so impressive that the hashtag “#BTSonAGT” set a trend on Twitter with hundreds of thousands of tweets.

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BTS staged an expansive performance of “Dynamite”

BTS always manage to outdo themselves. The group first performed “Dynamite” at the MTV Video Music Awards on August 30th. For that performance, the Korean band performed in front of a green screen showing New York City and Seoul.

The Korean band made a quantum leap for their performance America’s Got talent. Wearing their retro look from the “Dynamite” music video, BTS filmed a “one-take” style performance at an amusement park that appeared to be Everland, a popular theme park in South Korea.

The show was filled with Easter eggs for ARMY, including a plaque with the BTS debut date and signs with BTS and ARMY logos. With the night setting and warm lights, it felt like a summer night with the foreboding of autumn, marking the transition from “Dynamite” from a fun summer anthem to a song perfect for fall, showing the versatility of the disco track. pop.

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“There wasn’t a single second in the whole performance that I wasn’t attacked #BTSonAGT”, he wrote a fan on Twitter.

“America will accidentally vote for BTS in the finals after that lmaooo #BTSonAGT @BTS_twt #AGT performance,” tweeted a fan.

ARMY loved the performances of all BTS members

In addition to tweeting about the group, fans tweeted in support of individual members. ARMY can’t get enough of Jungkook’s curls and Jimin having another “accident” with his jacket sleeve.

“Jungkook’s curly hair is all #BTSonAGT,” one fan tweeted.

Another fan tweeted, “The way Jimin keeps his voice high while doing his little rounds is beyond me, but I guess that’s the talent for u mhm.”

ARMY also loved the moments when Jin danced in the center of the group and, as always, J-Hope’s dance moves were outstanding.

“C’MON NOW CENTER JIN”, he wrote a Twitter user.


Halfway through the show, V and RM sang from inside a car as Suga danced on the hood.

“Yoongi on the roof of a car is one of my favorite concepts #BTSonAGT #BTS_Dynamite”, a fan he wrote on Twitter.


The group broke records with the song

“Dynamite” is the first single from BTS to be sung entirely in English. Promotions for “Dynamite” are still ongoing, but so far the song has broken countless records. After its release, the “Dynamite” music video became the largest YouTube preview of all time with 3 million simultaneous viewers. It went on to set the record for most viewed video in its first 24 hours on YouTube with 101.1 million views.

“Dynamite” debuted at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, a first for BTS. The result also made the band the first all-South Korean group to reach number 1 on the Hot 100. In the second week of its release, “Dynamite” remained at number 1 on the Hot 100. While “Dynamite” dropped to number 2 on the chart in its third week, it debuted at number 49 on the Billboard Radio Songs chart, becoming BTS ‘first entry.

BTS will perform “Dynamite” again at the iHeartRadio Music Festival on September 18th at 9pm. ET.

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