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BYU football: highlights, key games, photos of 43-26 wins over Houston

BYU survived its toughest test of the season, recovering from 12 points in the third quarter to beat Houston 43-26 at Houston’s TDECU Stadium on Friday night.

Zach Wilson once again led a strong BYU offensive bout, as visitors scored the final t29 points of the match to put the race away and deliver BYU’s most impressive win of the season.

With the win, BYU improves to 5-0 while Houston drops to 1-1.

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Exceptional quarterback play on both sides

It was a great night for both Wilson of BYU and Clayton Tune of Houston, perhaps fitting for a two-program match known for strong quarterback play.

Wilson finished the game by completing 25 of 35 passes for 400 yards ̵

1; his first 400-yard pass game of his career – and four touchdowns. Tune, meanwhile, put up 310 yards and two touchdowns by completing 21 of 31 passes.

Wilson had a couple of great runs – a 32 yarder in the first quarter to set their second touchdowns and a 24 yarder in the fourth quarter with less than five minutes to play that set a key touchdown – to help BYU run offense.

Dax Milne, Wilson’s roommate, was his favorite target, as Milne finished the game with nine holds for 184 yards and three touchdowns. This included a 78-yard score on BYU’s first offensive play of the game and an 18-yarder to take BYU to 10 with just over three minutes of play.

The side kick changes the tide

A bold call from BYU coaching staff played a big part in the rally, as the guests opted for on-side kick at the end of the third quarter after cutting their deficit to 26-21.

BYU’s Talmage Gunther got the on-game football back, and as BYU’s drive stalled and had to punt, it stuck Houston deep and turned momentum into the game.

After a set of Houston aided by home team penalties, BYU gained a favorable position starting their next possession at Houston 23 after a 13-yard punt. BYU turned it into points, scoring on an 8-yard touchdown from Masen Wake caught on a nice Wilson flip pass.

BYU defense rises to fourth place

After Houston scored a field goal on his first drive, BYU gained a 14-3 lead and forced Houston into consecutive betting. Over the next two quarters, however, Houston scored on four consecutive possessions – including three touchdowns – to build a 26-14 lead. Two of those landing units were over 90 yards.

BYU’s defense, however, has risen big in the last quarter. Houston finished the game with 438 yards of total attack – not far behind BYU’s 478 – but Houston only had 20 yards in the final quarter. Tune completed only 1 of 7 passes in the fourth, and the BYU defense pulled out two sacks and forced three punting in a row and a turnover on downs before Houston finished the clock on his final drive.

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End of the fourth quarter

BYU 43, Houston 26

After what looked like it could easily be BYU’s first defeat of the season, BYU’s offensive, defensive and special teams all make big plays to complete a comeback for the visitors.

1:40, fourth quarter

BYU 43, Houston 26

BYU makes a 17-point play as Tyler Allgeier scores on a 14-yard run after Houston failed to convert a quarter deep into their own territory.

3:06, fourth quarter

BYU 36, Houston 26

BYU goes on a key scoring drive, moving 57 yards out of six plays to build a 10-point lead behind. Zach Wilson hits Dax Milne with a dime for an 18-yard touchdown pass, Milne’s third score of the night.

It was a real breakthrough for BYU after falling behind by 12.

10:35, fourth quarter

BYU 29, Houston 26

BYU are back in the lead after falling in double digits for the first time this season, scoring on an 8-yard pass from Zach Wilson to Masen Wake. With a two-point conversion pass to Tyler Allgeier, BYU went up three.

BYU had a favorable starting position on the drive – at Houston 23 – after a 13-yard punt.

End third quarter

Houston 26, BYU 21

BYU is driving after the offside and will start the fourth quarter with the ball first and 10 at the Houston 33.

Some game notes for three quarters:

  • Houston has 418 yards at 379 for BYU and Houston has executed 58 plays at 42 for BYU
  • Clayton Tune completed 20 of 24 passes for 307 yards and two touchdowns while Zach Wilson is 20 of 26 for 332 yards and two touchdowns
  • Houston is more effective at throwing the ball, with 111 yards on the ground at 47 for BYU
  • Both teams are committing costly penalties: Houston has seven for 86 yards and BYU has six for 59 yards

0:50, third quarter

Houston 26, BYU 21

BYU finally has an answer, leading 75 yards in five games before scoring on a 2-yard hold by Dax Milne. Milne had a 37-yard hold earlier in the drive to get BYU inside the Houston 5, and Zach Wilson completed four passes for 76 yards.

BYU then plays a game that changes momentum, catching an on-game kick near midfield to regain possession.

3:05, third quarter

Houston 26, BYU 14

Clayton Tune marks the hard and cute way, escaping a firing attempt before scrambling for a 5-yard dive touchdown run. That closes a 16-game, 98-yard drive for Houston after BYU’s first drive of the second half stalled.

9:53, third quarter

Houston 20, BYU 14

BYU’s Micah Harper is disqualified for a focused penalty and Houston is back in BYU territory near midfield with the ball. BYU’s first possession of the second half resulted in a punt and had a 46-yard touchdown from Tyler Allgeier blown away by a block in the rear penalty.

End second quarter

Houston 20, BYU 14

Houston closes a 17-point quarter with a Dalton Witherspoon field goal from 49 yards and goes into the half of the field on six. Some notes from the first half:

  • Houston quarterback Clayton Tune completed 15 of 18 passes for 234 yards and two touchdowns; BYU’s Zach Wilson is 9 of 15 for 203 yards and touchdowns
  • Houston has a lead from 19:18 to 10:42 in possession time
  • Houston converted all four of its third downs in the second quarter, while BYU was 1 in 4
  • Houston has 334 yards of total attack from 42 plays, compared to 244 yards from 27 plays for BYU

1:12, second quarter

Houston 17, BYU 14

Houston makes a big stamina, filling Masen Wake for a 1-yard loss as BYU faced a quarter and 1 at Houston 2. This could be a great moment at the end of what has been a close match so far, and with Houston in clear control of momentum now.

4:42, second quarter

Houston 17, BYU 14

Clayton Tune is on fire right now, having completed the last eight throws. The latest is a 5-yard landing throw at Nathaniel Dell in the third and goal, and Houston is back in the lead after a 61-yard drive from seven games.

9:01, second quarter

BYU 14, Houston 10

Houston slashed BYU’s lead to four points with an impressive eight-play, 91-yard game in which Clayton Tune completed four passes for 64 yards and Kyle Potter had 42 yards on five carries.

End of the first quarter

BYU 14, Houston 3

Some notes from the opening quarter:

  • BYU has 178 yards total offense at 106 for Houston, although BYU averages 17.8 yards per game at 5.6 for Houston
  • Zach Wilson is 4 for 4 for 140 yards (one touchdown) to start the game
  • In a mostly clean first quarter, two 15-yard penalties cost Houston, including one on a quarter down play that forced Houston to punt after reaching BYU territory.
  • BYU is 1 in 1 to third down, Houston is 1 in 4

4:42, first quarter

BYU 14, Houston 3

Zach Wilson got off to a stellar start, leading BYU on a seven-game 85-yard drive, limited by a 1-yard touchdown performed by Lopini Katoa. On the drive, Wilson had a 32-yard run, followed by a 35-yard pass inside the Houston 5 on a play of skill. He completed 3 of the 3 passes for 128 yards and a score and has a score of 568.4.

9:34, first quarter

BYU 7, Houston 3

BYU has the perfect response to Houston’s opening score, as Zach Wilson hits Dax Milne for a 78-yard touchdown pass on BYU’s first offensive play of the night.

9:53, first quarter

Houston 3, BYU 0

Houston takes his 65-yard opening drive for a score, kicking a field goal after catching 5:07 off the clock on the 10 play drive. Quarterback Clayton Tune went 4 for 4 passing 59 yards on the drive.


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