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Call of Duty Black Ops’s Cold War Zombie mode will feature iconic elements from the series

Treyarch recently released the multiplayer reveal trailer for the upcoming Call of Duty title, Black Ops Cold War. Fans have been waiting for this for quite some time now and the hype about this title has been high ever since the game’s internal alpha was found on the PlayStation servers.

A highlight of the multiplayer reveal trailer was the Zombie mode. From the trailer and what fans already know about the game, thanks to data miners and leaks, it looks like the mode could be a big hit with fan-favorite locations and perks.

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The staircase from Nacht der Untoten in Black Ops Cold War Zombies

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Zombies: Get nostalgic with classic perks and locations

The trailer opens with a subtle nod to the Juggernog lead as the faint rattle of the Juggernog machine is heard. Now, this is a classic Call of Duty Zombie Modes perk across multiple titles.

It appeared on all Nazi zombie maps except Nacht der Untoten. This perk increases players’ health, so that the player can withstand 4 hits before dying.

Speaking of perks, the losses had already confirmed that another classic perk, “Quick Revive”, will also return in this installment. Data miners have found this advantage in the Modern Warfare game build files.

The Monkey Bomb is another classic element that has found its way back to Zombie mode. Fans could easily guess this from the fact that a weapon shop in Modern Warfare had this tactical grenade on display.

But all that aside, what the trailer hints at most is the map. Fans of the series will make no mistake in realizing that the opening scale shown in the trailer comes from the classic Nacht der Untoten map.

This map is the first Zombies mode map to be featured in the Call of Duty series, again in CoD: World at War. However, the staircase is now covered in graffiti. Although the scale comes from the popular map, the entire zombie mode map looks new.

With some of the more iconic elements returning to the mode, it looks like Black Ops Cold War Zombies will live up to the hype it has already built.

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