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Cam Newton is already working with Mohamed Sanu

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The brand new Patriots quarterback isn’t wasting time getting together with one of his future New England passing goals.

In an instagram video of The Sideline Hustle, Newton was shown working in a field on the UCLA campus with the large receiver Mohamed Sanu on Tuesday.

Newton and Sanu were often opponents of each other when Newton was with the Carolina Panthers and Sanu with the Atlanta Falcons. Now together in New England they will be in charge of taking over from Tom Brady and trying to extend a series of AFC East titles to 12 consecutive seasons.

Both Newton and Sanu are looking to recover after injuries after their 2019 seasons. Newton was limited to just two games before an injury to Lisfranc ended his last season in Carolina. Sanu was notably slowed down after being traded with New England last year when he suffered an ankle sprain in his second game with the team.

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