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Carrot Weather shines on iOS 14 with 12 rich widgets, 25 Apple Watch complications, and more

With the debut of iOS 14, the hugely popular Carrot Weather is a major update that brings support for all-new home screen widgets. There’s also support for more complications on the Apple Watch with watchOS 7 and a gallery of time-focused watch faces you can download. Read on for a look at the rich new widgets and handy custom setups you can create.

Carrot Weather for iOS 14 (version 4.16) includes 5 new widget types in a variety of three dimensions for a total of 12 options. These include Snark, Forecast, Hourly, Daily, and Weather Map. I checked one of the first builds of the release and they offer a really great experience.

You can use multiple Carrot Weather widgets on your home screen or another app page or even create a Carrot Weather Smart Stack to easily scroll through all 5 widgets.


7;s a look at some of the options:

And in addition to the 12 great widget options, you can customize the widgets with wallpapers or, for example, with the Weather Map widget, choose the layer you want to use. Note that level 1-3 in-app purchases are required to unlock all widgets.

Just long press on a widget> tap Edit widget.

Don’t forget that you can create your own smart stacks by adding multiple widgets (of the same size) and then dragging them on top of each other. In the future you can long press on a custom Smart Stack and tap “Edit Stack” to render or remove widgets.

Carrot Weather on watchOS 7

Carrot Weather is also getting support for multiple complications on the Apple Watch and shows great use of the new watch face sharing feature. With the latest update, you can create seriously custom weather watch faces with a total of 25 Carrot Weather complications to choose from.

In the iPhone app, you’ll find a set of beautiful Carrot Weather Apple Watch faces that you can use. These include those based on Infrograph Modular, Infograph, Activity and more with rich weather data. Of course, you can also use them as inspiration to create your own watch faces.

Carrot Weather for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch is a $ 4.99 download with $ 0.99 / month in-app purchases to unlock premium features like Apple Watch Complications and iOS 14 Advanced Widgets.

Other features and improvements with Carrot Weather 4.16 include 10x faster radar animation, new map layers, new alternative app icons, and more.

Full release notes:

It’s autumn, bags of meat! A time for gaping scarecrows, mutant pumpkins, and abundant OS updates.

Home screen widget
Check the weather directly from the Home screen with my new iOS 14 widgets! There are 5 different types of widgets: Snark, Forecast, Hourly, Daily and Weather Maps. Just long press a widget to customize it with all kinds of different options. Plus: If you put all the widgets in one Stack, you can have the whole forecast in one place on the home screen.

(Note: Similar to pricing for Apple Watch complications, frequent background updates for widgets require at least a Tier 1 subscription due to the amount of weather data used during the day. Hourly and daily widgets require Tier 1 , while the Weather Maps widget requires level 3.)

Multiple Complications (Level 1 Required)
Use multiple CARROT complications to build your time dial! Choose from a wide range of CARROT complications by simply long-pressing the face of your Apple Watch. (Turning on feels like temperature or add additional fully customized complications from my iPhone app.)

Watch faces gallery (level 1 required)
And if you’re too overwhelmed with all the possibilities that open up to multiple complications support, you can add one of my default watch faces to your Apple Watch. Check out the new Watch Face Gallery in the Apple Watch personalization section of my iPhone app!

Weather maps (level 2 required)
Track the fire started from your sex reveal party with the new fire map layer. There is also a new weather fronts map layer and support for European countries in the severe weather warning map layer. Last but certainly not least, animations now load 10x faster!

But wait, that’s not all!

– A new “Snark” complication can now be added to the Infograph Modular’s large dial slot.
– Pollen data is now available for ClimaCell users in the United States
– Locations, weather maps, and settings buttons are now located at the bottom of the Apple Watch app interface.
– Lightning bolts now appear on the weather map with bolt icons instead of small circles.
– Two new alternative app icons, Neumorph Dark and Pride.

After applying this update, it’s best to start collecting nuts for the winter. 2020 still has a lot of bad news to do.

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