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Dr. Siegel Exults for Promising News About Coronavirus Vaccine in the UK: “Hats off to scientists from around the world”

Fox News medical associate Dr. Marc Siegel told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday that new reports indicate that a developing coronavirus vaccine from AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford is demonstrating an “immune response” robust “in study participants. “Brian, tonight, people from all sides of the political aisle are applauding. We already had great news from Moderna this week that …

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Banks propose a “student loan” scheme to avoid job losses

Copyright of the image NurPhoto UK banks fear that up to 800,000 businesses could go bankrupt in the next year if they are unable to defer repayments on government-guaranteed loans. The credit industry is proposing a student loan system, in which coronavirus loans can be converted into a repayable tax debt in a decade. Like student loans, money would only …

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Beijing reports second quarter 2020 GDP

China reported that the country’s GDP grew 3.2% in the second quarter of this year, compared to a year ago – beating analysts’ expectations and rebounding from the contraction in the first quarter. It occurs when the blockades to contain the coronavirus epidemic in China have eased and when Beijing has launched stimulus measures to support its economy. Economists interviewed …

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Expect delays in the mail, as Trump’s new head of the postal service promotes cost savings

WASHINGTON – Mail deliveries may be delayed by a day or more due to cost reduction efforts imposed by the new post manager. The plan eliminates overtime for hundreds of thousands of post office workers and states that employees must adopt a “different mindset” to ensure the survival of the postal service during the coronavirus pandemic. Delayed travel will no …

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Virgin Galactic, Twitter, Norwegian Cruise Line and more

The Norwegian Cruise Line The cruise ship Norwegian Bliss passes through the John Hopkins Inlet in Glacier Bay, Alaska, July 11, 2019. Tim Rue | Bloomberg | Getty Images Discover the companies that make the news after the bell: Moderna – Moderna’s shares suffered a slowdown in trading after increasing by almost 7% before Wednesday. The stock has experienced an …

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2021 Toyota Camry is the first to obtain Safety Sense 2.5 Plus

The 2021 Toyota Camry will be more technical than ever. Toyota Toyota Camry it was the best-selling sedan in America for 18 consecutive years. Children who were brought home from the hospital when this model started to rise to the top of the sales charts can now vote. To help maintain the sales crown for the umpteenth round of the …

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