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Roku and NBCU reach deal for Peacock, renew NBC TV app deal

Peacock will finally take flight on Roku devices, after months of discussion, and NBCUniversal’s TV apps won’t get obscure on Roku, after all. Roku and NBCU reached an agreement on Friday afternoon that it will provide access to the Peacock streaming app on streaming platform players and Roku-enabled TVs. Additionally, the companies renewed their deal to keep 46 NBCU broadcasts …

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Roku and Peacock collide for the carriage; NBCUniversal TV Everywhere Apps Are Going Dark – Expiry

UPDATED 2pm PT: Roku and NBCUniversal have returned to the negotiating table with renewed hopes that a compromise can be reached, allowing Peacock to finally reach the large-scale streaming platform. The sense of optimism is such, according to those who participated in the discussions, that the threat of NBCUniversal’s TV Everywhere streaming apps going dark already tonight has subsided. For …

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Canadian police accused a Tesla owner of sleeping while driving

It is unclear how the Model S pilot misused Autopilot in the way they did. The crash occurred before Tesla upgraded the system to allow it to detect speed limit signs using a vehicle’s cameras. However, how The Verge notes, Tesla said the autopilot will only work when it detects that the driver has their hands on the wheel. If …

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$ 100,000 in bribes helped Amazon’s fraudulent sellers earn $ 100 million, DOJ says

Six people were indicted on charges of paying over $ 100,000 in bribes to Amazon employees and contractors as part of a plan to offer third-party sellers unfair advantages on the Amazon marketplace. Among other things, the prosecution claims that Amazon workers who accepted bribes reinstated sellers whose accounts had been suspended for offering dangerous products, and these workers suspended …

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Empty malls are getting amazing new tenants

With mall vacancies accelerating rapidly amid an increase in online shopping, owners are quickly looking for other ways to reuse the excess of empty stores that will help increase traffic to the malls. According to data from research firm (REIS) Moody’s Analytics, the vacancy rate in shopping centers is at an all-time high of 9.8% in early September, surpassing the …

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The DOJ charges six people in the scheme for bribing Amazon employees

A worker assembles a delivery box at the Amazon fulfillment center in Baltimore, Maryland, the United States, April 30, 2019. Clodagh Kilcoyne | Reuters On Friday, the US Department of Justice accused six people of participating in a plan to bribe Amazon employees and contractors to gain “an unfair advantage” in the company’s online marketplace. Federal prosecutors say, since at …

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