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Independent reviewers offer 80 tips to make Starliner safer

Zoom in / The Boeing Starliner spacecraft returned home to the company’s team and commercial cargo processing plant after the December test flight. Following Boeing’s failed Starliner spacecraft test flight in December, NASA released the results of an investigation on Monday into the underlying causes of the launch failure and the culture that led to them. During its review, an …

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NASA’s Curiosity rover kicks off the epic “summer trip” to Mars

This 118-image mosaic shows where Curiosity is heading across Mars to the sulfate-carrying unit. NASA / JPL-Caltech / MSSS NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover will be the envy of road trips everywhere. You won’t have to hear “Have we already arrived?” There will be no pit stops in the bathroom of the gas station. It will wind its way through the …

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The home budget account denies major increases for NASA to finance the ambitious Moon program

Homeowners do not intend to substantially increase NASA’s budget, potentially endangering the agency’s plans to send astronauts back to the moon by 2024. Today, the House Appropriations Committee published its latest funding proposal for fiscal year 2021, specifying budgets for all commercial, judicial and scientific agencies in the United States. The bill would give NASA a total budget of $ …

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This company wants to rewrite the future of genetic diseases without changing the Crispr gene

Crispr’s potential for the treatment of hereditary diseases has made headlines, even at WIRED, for years. (Here, here, here and here.) Finally, at least for one family, genetic modification technology is proving to offer more hope than hype. A year later 34-year-old Victoria Gray received an infusion of billions of Crispr cells, last week NPR reported that those cells were …

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NASA and Boeing aim to repeat tests on Starliner spacecraft later this year

Boeing’s Starliner capsule is moved into position over an Atlas V rocket before launch. NASA | Cory Huston NASA and Boeing are aiming later this year to relaunch a key test of the company’s Starliner spacecraft, although the U.S. space agency pointed out Tuesday that a launch date has not yet been chosen. A NASA investigation found 80 changes recommended …

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