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Charlotte’s GOP convention is closed to the press, portions will be streamed

Journalists will not be admitted to the scene while RNC delegates vote to officially nominate President Donald Trump as the 2020 Republican presidential candidate, but the vote will be streamed, the Republican official said.

The restriction is unprecedented in modern American political history, but Republican officials said they were forced to limit attendance due to social distance restrictions imposed by the governor of North Carolina.

“Given the health restrictions and restrictions in place in the state of North Carolina, we are planning to close Charlotte’s operations from Friday August 21 to Monday August 24,”

; said the RNC convention spokesman on Saturday.

“We are happy to inform you if this changes, but we are working within the parameters set before us by state and local guidelines regarding the number of people who can participate in the events,” said the spokesman.

The news was first reported by the Arkansas Democratic Journal.
The coronavirus pandemic has forced numerous changes to the appointment process and RNC’s plans have repeatedly shifted, with further changes potentially coming. Trump canceled the convention’s activities in Jacksonville, Florida late last month.

The formal proceedings of the 2020 Republican National Convention – including the vote to officially nominate Trump as a GOP 2020 candidate – are still expected to take place in Charlotte, but the number of people who participated has been drastically downsized.

An RNC official says the President is unlikely to accept the nomination for Charlotte in a large public speech. If Trump goes to Charlotte, the expectation is that it will only be to thank the delegates in a closed private event.

The Monday’s convention process – including the vote to formally name Trump – will be streamed live, according to a Republican official who is familiar with the plans.

Due to space restrictions, not all delegates will participate. Instead, 336 delegates will vote on the convention’s work – one for every six delegates.

Associated Press journalist Zeke Miller, president of the White House Correspondents Association, called the decision to close conference press activities “a thoughtless decision” and called on the GOP to “reconsider” chirping Saturday evening. “The appointment of a candidate for the presidency of a prominent party is closely linked to the American people.”

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