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Check Out Nicole Kidman’s Intense, Oscar-Worthy Performance

We have reached the period of the year in which the films and shows that could be noticed by the annual awards begin to come out. One thing that those who give prizes like seeing often is an actor who takes on a different role from those who did before. Something that transforms them physically and emotionally. If this is what is about to win the next Oscar as best actress, then Nicole Kidman could have just become the protagonist. Take a look at the first trailer of Destroyer .

Destroyer follows an LAPD policeman who, as a young officer, was put under cover with a gang. The experience has had lasting consequences on the officer who come to the fore when the leader of the band emerges many years later. In the trailer, we see the story moving back and forth between the two periods of time and we have a glimpse of what the character was forced to do, and what he could have done by choice, in order to integrate into the gang. And we see as a result the woman who has now become.

Transformation is not a sufficient word to describe what we see from Nicole Kidman here. When the trailer moved from the initial scene of the woman with the child, the next time with an elderly woman talking to a teenage girl, I honestly did not realize at first that this was Nicole Kidman.

The next moments did not help when we see that the woman is a hard cop. It's not exactly the kind of role we're used to seeing the actress. It was not until several seconds that I did not see Nicole Kidman that I realized I was seeing her all the time. Between the appearance and the accent, she disappears in the role.

Obviously, this is just a trailer so it shows us only what Destroyer will take us and has been modified to show us something specific. However, the trailer includes quotes from numerous critics who were lucky enough to see the film already. While they may sometimes be taken out of context, it certainly seems that they are singing the praises of both Kidman and the film as a whole.

These types of transformations often receive awards for prizes because playing against the type is the most obvious proof that someone "acts". It happens when actors known for comedies go to serious roles, although this seems more like a Charlize Theron in Monster sort of transformation.

Destroyer is currently shooting the festival circuit. It will have its North American version on Christmas day. While Christmas is a popular release date for movies, since it's a popular day for many to go to the movies, I'm not sure if this is the seasonal party people will be looking for. That said, it seems like it will definitely be a film to try.

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