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Coronavirus closes Los Angeles County beaches on the 4th weekend of July 4th

Los Angeles County will close its beaches on Friday and ban fireworks in anticipation of the July 4th holiday, a move according to health officials is needed in light of an alarming spike in coronavirus cases.

Although it was a “difficult decision to make”, the closings are crucial because so many people gather to celebrate, “a recipe for increasing the transmission of COVID-19,” County Health Director Barbara Ferrer said in a Note.

“We all need to take this virus more seriously and residents and business owners have to do their part,”

; said Ferrer. “Physical distancing is not optional, wearing a mask is not optional, spending time only with the people you live with is not optional: these are requirements in the Order of health officers and are the tools that we must protect each other, our families and the most vulnerable people in our communities. “

All public beaches, piers, public car parks, cycle paths on the beach “which cross that part of the beach” and the access points to the beach will be closed from 12.01 on Friday to 5 on Monday. The fireworks ban only applies to the weekend of July 4th. A new medical officer order will be issued Monday evening, Ferrer said.

“I know what we expect this time of year,” said Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti in an informative briefing on Monday evening. “But not this year. This year we need to think about saving lives to protect what we have in this country … and to make sure that our economy is no longer taking a step back. “

Garcetti said that at the current rate of spread, Los Angeles will return to the numbers reached at the height of the pandemic in about a week. Over the next week, the county’s infection rate will increase, from one in 140 people to one in every 70 people. At the same time, the hospital’s capacity is decreasing.

Garcetti also said that there is a “hard pause” on the reopening of other businesses, including concert halls, theme parks, cinemas and bars.

Governor Gavin Newsom on Sunday ordered seven counties, including Los Angeles, to immediately close all open bars and nightclubs

“It has been clear across the country that these are major threats to public health,” said Garcetti. “These are already dangerous clusters. These are regularly the spaces where the spread is taking place. It seemed clear what would happen.”

The closure of the beach does not apply to Long Beach, which has its own health department.

“Due to the increase in # COVID19 cases, all @CountyofLA beaches will temporarily close again this weekend, July 3-6. Just today, we recorded nearly 3,000 cases, “said county supervisor Janice Hahn in a tweet. “We can’t risk having crowds on the beach this holiday weekend.”

Los Angeles County confirmed 22 additional coronavirus-related deaths and 2,903 new COVID-19 cases on Monday, the largest number of new infections in a single day reported by the county since the pandemic hit the United States.

The daily count brings the total number of coronavirus cases to the county of L.A. to over 100,000.

The alarming spike in cases is not only the result of an increase in tests, Ferrer said last Monday, but is instead evidence that the transmission of the community has definitely increased.

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