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Coronavirus live news updates – The New York Times

Tens of millions of unemployed Americans are losing an advantage that has helped them stay afloat.

A $ 600 weekly federal government unemployment benefit that has become a lifeline for tens of millions of unemployed Americans, while helping to support the coronavirus-ravaged economy, expired at midnight when Washington officials failed have managed to agree on a new bill.

Unemployment remains at record levels, with around 30 million Americans receiving unemployment benefits. Last week, over 1.4 million were just submitted for the state’s unemployment benefit ̵

1; the 19th consecutive week in which the count had exceeded one million, an unheard of figure before the pandemic.

Nearly 11 percent of Americans said they live in families where there is not enough to eat, according to a recent Census Bureau survey, and over a quarter have lost a rent or mortgage.

The expiration of the benefit will force Louise Francis, who worked as a banquet cook at the Sheraton Hotel in New Orleans for nearly two decades before she was fired last spring, to obtain state unemployment benefits, which for her come to $ 247 a week. .

“When you have an extension of six days and a week on a provision, it is usually – it has always been – to accept a legislative argument if you are about to have an agreement,” said Pelosi. “Why don’t we just do the job? Why don’t we just do the job?”

Lee, 88, was also charged with embezzlement of 5.6 billion won, or $ 4.7 million, from church funds to build a luxurious “peace palace” north of Seoul. The church has widely denied any allegations against him. He will face years in prison if convicted.

Intense criticism from the South Korean public forced Mr. Lee to apologize in March.

In a statement on Saturday, the church said that Mr. Lee had never intended to hinder efforts to control the epidemic and that he had only expressed concern about the extent of government requests for faithful data.

“He stressed the importance of disease control and urged church members to collaborate with the authorities,” said the church. “We will do our best to make the truth known through the process.”

But parents who accused the church of attracting and brainwashing their children with his unorthodox teachings welcomed his arrest on Saturday, calling Lee “a religious swindler.”

Here are some other developments from around the world:

  • Starting on Saturday morning, MexicoThe death toll confirmed of 46,688 it was the third highest in the world behind the United States and Brazil. Britain ranked fourth, with 569 fewer deaths. The number of new infections reported in Mexico has been increasing since May and exceeded 8,000 on Friday, bringing the country’s workload to nearly 425,000.

  • A coronavirus outbreak in Vietnam A third victim reported on Saturday, a 68-year-old in the central city of Danang who also had advanced leukemia. The country, which reported its first virus death on Friday, passed more than three months without a local broadcast case before the new outbreak spread from Danang in late July. It now has 558 cases, although many are repatriated to quarantine.

  • On Saturday, Japan announced 1,579 new cases, breaking a record set the day before. The country now has more than 1,000 coronavirus-related deaths, reporting 1,011 on Saturday.

  • The main organization of doctors in the Philippines, the College of Physicians, appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte on Saturday to block the Manila metropolitan area for two weeks. The appeal was launched shortly after the temporary closure of two Manila hospitals, because so many staff members had been infected. On Friday, the country reported 4,063 new cases, its highest daily total so far.

An open school in Indiana. He had to quarantine people within hours.

One of the first school districts in the United States to reopen failed to even make it one day before it faced the problem of everyone trying to bring students back to the classroom: what happens when someone comes to school infected with the coronavirus?

Hours after class on Thursday, a phone call from the county health department informed Greenfield Central Junior High School in Indiana that a student had tested positive.

Florida’s Atlantic coast prepared for hurricane Isaias this weekend after the storm devastated the Bahamas, parts of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic on Friday.

Mr. Poonawalla’s vaccine assembly lines are being prepared to feed 500 doses per minute and his phone rings indefinitely.

National health ministers, prime ministers and other heads of state (he wouldn’t say by whom) and friends who haven’t heard from him in years, he said, asking for the first batches.

“I had to explain to them that,” Look, I can’t give it to you this way, “he said.

The Serum Institute is in the midst of an extremely competitive and obscure effort. To get the vaccine out as soon as possible, the vaccine developers say they need Serum’s gigantic assembly lines: every year it produces 1.5 billion doses of other vaccines, especially for poor countries, more than any other company.

Half of the world’s children have been vaccinated with Serum products. Stair is his specialty. Just the other day, Mr. Poonawalla received a shipment of 600 million glass vials.

But at this time it is not entirely clear how much of the coronavirus vaccine that the Serum will mass-produce will be kept by India or who will finance its production.

Checking the screen time in the face of a pandemic.

With remote work, remote school, the remote field and everything else remotely, screens dominate our lives. Here are some ways to think about it, whether you want to cut back or just deal with the increased usage.

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