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Costco stops selling half-sheet cakes

Costco (COST) he quietly stopped selling the $ 20 half-sheet cakes in his stores in the United States last month, instead of directing people to his 10-inch round cakes and other assorted baked goods.
“To help limit personal contacts and create more space for social distance, Costco has reduced service in some departments,” the company explained to outraged customers on their Facebook account. In a statement to the New York Times, Costco said he had no plans to immediately return the half-sheet cakes to the table and that the round cakes “resonate with our members.”
Costco has stopped selling his half-sheet cakes.

Costco did not immediately return CNN Business’s request for comment.

The decision also coincides with a recommendation by several U.S. states and health agencies to avoid or prohibit large gatherings in the light of Covid-19. Half-sheet cakes feed about 50 people, while its 10-inch round cakes feed on a dozen.
Kroger (KR) and Sam’s Club stores also appear to have stopped selling the cake in half a sheet, according to online research. However, Walmart (WMT), Albertson’s and H-E-B still sell puff cakes of various sizes.

Despite an increasing number of coronavirus cases, a Costco executive previously told CNN Business that “he was trying to return to normal, as areas across the country are trying to do the same.”

The chain has started bringing free food samples to a handful of stores and plans to distribute them in other locations in the coming weeks. Costco is also easing restrictions on the number of people members are allowed to take with them on shopping trips.

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