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Cowboys vs Rams Final Score: Defending L.A. Dallas smashes, questionable fourth defeat condemns Mike McCarthy

In the first Sunday Night Football game of the 2020 NFL season, the Los Angeles Rams opened their new stadium with a 20-17 win over the Dallas Cowboys. The Rams got pretty much everything they wanted on offense for much of the night, with their score capped at 20 only by virtue of a missed basket and passer-by missed penalty on a play that led to Jared Goff being intercepted. . The Cowboys’ attack looked electric in the first half but slowed down after half-time, scoring just three points. They had a chance to equalize at the start of the fourth quarter, but chose to challenge the fourth and 3 rather than kick a draw basket.

On a last minute trip, Dak Prescott found Michael Gallup hurtling down the sideline for a monstrous gain that would have put the Cowboys firmly in range of the basket, but play was canceled due to a controversial interference call. on the offensive pass. Two incompleteness later, the Rams had their victory.

Here are some of our suggestions from the Sunday night deal:

Because the Rams won

Boy oh boy, Sean McVay had the perfect script for his offense. That̵

7;s where you need to start, because Jared Goff’s tale of shady meltdowns seemed eerie to get into a potential shootout with the mighty Cowboys. Instead, the QB was pretty damn near flawless, operating with ease in a fast-paced, game action attack (the INT one should have been blown away by a violent call), aided by a solid exit from lead back Malcolm Brown, who ran with authority. THERE. too often he was forced to settle for field goal tries, but the team also moved at will for much of the evening. On the other side of the ball, great plays by guys like Aaron Donald and Jalen Ramsey proved more than enough to neutralize Dallas’ guns, which never really got free.

Why the Cowboys lost

Losing center linebacker Leighton Vander Esch to injury early in the game didn’t help, but the problems were bigger and wider, starting with the Cowboys failing to prevent Rams’ positive yardage. Whether it was Malcolm Brown in the center, Robert Woods on the screens or whatever, Dallas had no answers for McVay’s efficient group. (Aldon Smith, in a really good lead-in-the-pass performance, was perhaps the only exception.) Offensively, you can’t even begin to blame Dak Prescott, who was edgy for most of the night. One can and should, however, blame Mike McCarthy for feeling embarrassed about some crucial calls, even during a second-half red zone trip that saw the ‘Boys turn conservative despite Dak’s aerial momentum.

Turning point

Five minutes remaining in the game. Cowboys down three, with a chance to reverse their luck after three failed Rams drives in a row – a pickaxe and two pounds. Then came two short plays for Elliott and the third less play that unofficially sealed the Rams’ victory, a break by Jalen Ramsey of an aspiring first down from Amari Cooper. Ramsey’s physicality really showed in the game, which was initially ruled out as a forced fumble, and required a three-and-out for Dallas, allowing L.A. to burn another few minutes from the clock and get closer to victory.

Game play

In a game devoid of large touchdowns, this has to go to Ramsey, who basically lifted Cooper and threw him aside as he secured the Rams’ opening win of the season:

What’s next

The Cowboys (0-1) will return home to AT&T Stadium for a showdown with the Atlanta Falcons (0-1), who fell to the Seattle Seahawks in week 1. The Rams (1-0), meanwhile , will travel to Philadelphia for a matchup with the Eagles (0-1), who lost a stunner to the Washington Football Team in their opener.

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