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Curiosity rover locates “dust devil” on Mars, NASA shares animated video: it’s viral

Magnificent and mysterious, these are just two of the many adjectives that people often use to describe Mars. The Red Planet has long been the subject of human fascination and thanks to the presence on social media of space agencies of difference, from time to time, we can glimpse the place in the form of images and videos. Just like this recent animated clip from NASA, shared on Instagram, showing the “dust devil” spotted on the planet by the Curiosity rover.

“Mars is often a very dynamic place, thanks to its atmosphere and the way it interacts with the surface. Right now, it’s the “windy season” in the region where our Curiosity rover operates. On August 9, one of the rover̵

7;s navigation cameras captured frames in this animation showing a spinning, columnar vortex of wind – also known as the “dust devil” – moving across the landscape, “they wrote in the caption.

The space agency further added that the dust devil appeared to be passing “through small hills just above Curiosity’s current location on Mount Sharp, a peak within the Gale crater.” It was about “about a third to half a mile (half a kilometer to a kilometer) away and is estimated to be about 16 feet (5 meters) wide”.

Check out the animated video that has now captivated many and garnered nearly 1.9 million views.

Since being shared a few hours ago, the video has also amassed nearly two lakhs of views and the numbers are only increasing. In addition, it also garnered over 2,300 comments. People didn’t hold back as they expressed their surprise.

“So interesting! Thanks NASA for contributing to humanity’s endless quest for knowledge!” Wrote an Instagram user. “Very interesting,” expressed another. “Unreal,” said a third. “Very nice,” said a fourth.

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