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Darcey Silva discovers a shocking secret about her boyfriend Georgi

On the new 90 day boyfriend spinoff called Darcey and Stacey, Darcey Silva lives with her boyfriend, Georgi Rusev, during the quarantine. They met on social media and he lives in Washington, DC. After meeting once during the Super Bowl in Miami, the two meet for the second time in New York City. They enjoy a magical world, but soon after the coronavirus (COVID-19) really gets worse.

Darcey asked Georgi to come and stay with her already during the quarantine, but the first time she turned down the offer. However, Darcey eventually gets what he wants and Georgi comes to stay with Darcey in a separate apartment away from his family.

Darcey Silva
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Georgi comes to stay with Darcey during the quarantine

In the last episode, Darcey and Georgi decide to share an apartment together during the quarantine. The apartment is actually the same as the one Darcey’s twin sister Stacey is staying with Florian Sukaj.

“Our relationship has really progressed in the past few weeks,” says Darcey. “He lives in Washington, he has no family here, they are all in Bulgaria. So, we came to the decision to move in together. I decided to take an apartment for a few months during this time to see how the relationship goes.”

Georgi goes to his new apartment which he will share with Darcey. When they finally reunite, it’s a sweet moment between them.

“Seeing everything go out was scary,” says Georgi as he sat next to Darcey. “And I was dreaming of being together right now. I am so excited to finally be able to touch and kiss her. It’s like the sun. “

Georgi delivers beautiful flowers and they feed each other some strawberries as they sit on the bed. They toast to a “new beginning”. It seems like things are going well between them, but problems are coming.

Darcey Silva discovers a shocking secret about Georgi

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In a clip from the next episode, Darcey meets up with the producers and reveals some details he recently learned about Georgi, and it’s shocking to say the least.

A producer asks Darcey if she’s okay, and she clearly looks worried. When asked “what’s going on”, Darcey reveals the truth about the matter.

“There is one thing that comes up being quarantined with Gerogi,” says Darcey. “I didn’t say anything. I started to feel like I need to talk to someone else besides Georgi, because I need to figure it out for myself. He told me that um, he’s still married. But he’s separated, he’s going through a divorce.” . She takes a deep breath, clearly feeling emotional about the situation.

In another scene, we see Georgi with Darcey talking to the cameras. “I’ve been married for almost three years,” reveals Georgi.

What does this mean for Darcey and Georgi moving forward? Darcey seems really upset by the news, and who can blame her? Will they be able to stay together despite this new information? Hopefully, we’ll find out soon enough.

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