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Dear Annie: After nearly 3 years of dating, I don’t feel you love me like I love him

Dear Annie: I’m dating this guy who is married but separated. We have been doing this for almost three years. I just don’t feel love from her. Will he ever love me like I need to be loved? – Waiting for him

Dear waiting: If you wait three years, you’ll wait 300. I wouldn’t expect this man to divorce his wife anytime soon.

Ending things with him will be difficult, but it will be worth it. After that, take some alone time to regroup. So come back out there to give yourself a chance to find someone with whom you can share a mutually loving and fulfilling relationship where you are both all-in.

Dear Annie: Earlier this year, you published my letter inviting readers to submit their quarantined stories to a project I founded, Keys to Coping. We are collecting and sharing stories from real people of all ages who show courage, resilience, humor and compassion in this difficult time. Here is an example to share with your readers.

“What are my keys to doing it? Recognize that life has always been full of unknowns and embrace every day. “- Anonymous

“For my 90th birthday, friends threw me a car party: two sheriff̵

7;s cars led the way with flashing lights, followed by 12 motorcycles and more than 20 cars with signs and banners. What a day! “- Annie Smith

“Today I went out for the first time in three and a half months! I had to wear a mask, real clothes, shoes and makeup. Worse still, I had to put on a bra! “- Anonymous

“There are many things I miss during the COVID crisis. But I retired last year. For this I am truly grateful to you. I’m not lucky enough to have to do more than I feel confident doing. So, I love new recipes and the time to tackle old projects that have been waiting for years. I love the time to keep up with garden work and housework. And I am grateful for the positive impact COVID-19 has had on the environment. Slow is fine. “- Anonymous

“I was already in mourning for my fellow gentleman who died in January, so it was easy for me to deal with the pandemic in a way. I am a walker and I walk every day (often with my sister) for two or three hours, masked and chatting. We are lucky to live in a rural town near the harbor and the ocean. In my free time, I clean up the trash and read. That’s fine by me! “- Vicky in South Dartmouth, MA

“My Keys to Addressing COVID-19 Isolation: 1) Pray for all nations. 2) Stay hydrated and eat healthily. 3) Rest, relax, rejuvenate and read. 4) Communicate daily somehow: say hello or smile to passersby, laugh with a friend on the phone, FaceTime or Skype with family. 5) Seek spiritual comfort. 6) Sit, walk or play in the sun to get Vitamin D. 7) Ask and you will receive help, answers, guidance, guidance or forgiveness. “- Anonymous

“I approached the quarantine by chatting with my friends via iPhone, giving online classes and dance classes on Zoom and Bullet journaling. Thanks to the quarantine, I enjoyed everyday life.” – Eden, 14

We are collecting back to school stories now. We plan to compile them into a book. Everyone is welcome to send a sentence or two, photos or anything else they would like to share to PO Box 304, West Hyannisport MA, 02672 or thekeyidea@gmail.com. View Stories and Pictures https://www.thekeyidea.org/ – Lenore Lyons, Founder, The Key Idea

Dear Lenore: Thanks for sharing all these wonderful tidbits. You’re doing an important service documenting what it’s like to be alive in 2020.

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