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Deavan Clegg makes a surprisingly small amount of money through OnlyFans

Deavan Clegg has reportedly been through tough times when it comes to money. Financial matters were one of the biggest obstacles between her and her 90 day boyfriend: the other way lover Jihoon Lee. This year, Clegg created an OnlyFans account to generate more revenue, but he doesn’t make as much money as you might think of.

Deavan and Jihoon
’90 Day Fiancé ‘stars Jihoon Lee and Deavan Clegg | TLC

Jihoon Lee doesn’t help Deavan with money

Before coming to Korea, Clegg was under the impression that Lee had a full-time job that would allow him to help support Clegg and the children. He also told her he had saved a lot of money. When Clegg arrived in Korea, she found that this was not the case.

In one episode of the show, Clegg asked Lee to give her the $ 3,000 he claimed he saved for her. When fans declared her hungry for money, she took Reddit to defend herself.

“He worked 60 hours a week,” he wrote. “Paid for Vegas. Paid to travel back and forth. Paid for hospital bills. Paid for food for him [Jihoon], Paid for lodging / drinks – $ 50,000 “.

He went on to say that asking for the money wasn’t about the money itself, but just to prove that Lee wasn’t lying again.

“I was told [that] I speak English, I have two jobs, I finished college, I saved $ 20,000 for a house, “Lee said of what Lee told her.” I have a lot of money. It was the fact that I wanted proof that he wasn’t lying to me. “

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Deavan sues TLC for low pay

Clegg’s anger wasn’t just directed at Lee this season. It also had some issues with TLC production as a whole. He claimed that some of the TLC modifications put his daughter in danger. She turned to Instagram Live to describe how the threats her family was receiving weren’t worth the amount of money that was paid.

“I just had to make one thing clear because the amount of money that was paid to me is not worth my daughter’s risk,” she said. “Because I haven’t been paid that much.

“The amount I earned with TLC for both seasons, I earned in a month by doing mine. Money isn’t worth it when my family is threatened and endangered, and we’re not even earning enough for the protection or to get the protection offered. “

How much does Deavan Clegg make on OnlyFans?

Clegg opened an OnlyFans account in June. The site allows fans to pay for premium content.

Initially, she would use her account to raise money for a breast augmentation.

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“I have been wanting to get a lift and implants to boost my confidence for a long time,” he wrote, according to a screenshot captured by ScreenRant. “Any donations will receive a free photo shoot at the end of the fundraiser.”

He decided to raise $ 4,000.

Currently, Clegg only charges $ 3.75 per month for subscriptions.

“My OF account now only costs $ 3.75 to sign up,” she wrote in her Instagram stories on a photo of her in lingerie earlier this week. “The 0% front page is completely changed with new content. Don’t miss the new look coming this week.”

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